Face Treatment

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Face Treatment

We will discuss face treatment as the face is the one of the areas that shows the first signs of spots appearing in cases of Vitiligo. These spots normally occur around the eyes, lips, and cheek area of the face.

Best results are seen on the face during early treatment with Vitilox Pigmentation Cream. The skin in this area is thin, and the melanocytes respond quickly to our Vitilox pigmentation cream.

Vitiligo Face Treatment

Once pigmentation starts, no matter how small the first small freckles of pigment are, it is just a matter of time before the affected area reaches full pigmentation.

Recommended products

Our recommended product for treating the face is Vitilox Pigmentation Cream. Application is easy. Apply Vitilox after bathing in the morning or evenings. It is important that you apply the cream on the white spots or patches when the skin is clean, as it allows better absorption. Vitilox Vitilox Pigmentation Cream works fast and effectively.

To assist healing Vitilox Cream is absorbed very quickly into the pores of your skin. It penetrates well into the under layers of skin.  Less is better when using the cream on your face and therefore it lasts you a long time. There should be no residue or oily film left over once applied and rubbed in. Makeup may be applied over the cream.

Treatment of eye area

Vitiligo Products

When treating your eye area take care not to accidentally rub the cream into your eyes. If this does happen, you can safely wash the cream out with clean water. The Vitilox Cream does not harm your eyes, but may irritate them if contact is made.

Apply the cream approximately 5mm away from the edge of your eye area, and slightly below your brow area. Do not apply the cream on the outer eye lid as the layer of skin covering the eye is very thin. Cream can be absorbed through the eyelid. The cream shall make its way into the lid area from the brow application.

Vitiligo on your lips or inner mouth

You need only rub the cream close to the edge of the lips and mouth. Because the cream penetrates beneath the skin it will work itself into the affected areas and healing will take place.

Best results are obtained  when using Vitilox B12 & Folic Acid Vitamins in conjunction with the Cream. These vitamins slow down and even stop the further spread of Vitiligo. We do sell a combo of these products for your convenience.

We attribute the success of our products to the fact that we can stop the Vitiligo from spreading whilst treatment is in progress.

Vitiligo in Children


Children from the age of 3 upwards can also safely take the Vitamins. We do recommend that children between the age of 3 -7 only take half a tablet per day after breakfast. You can crush the tablets down and add them to a small breakfast or juice for the children.

UVB Lamp

Lastly, if you are also using the UVB lamp on your face, the cream needs to be applied before and after treatment. The cream acts as a natural moisturizer, to protects the skin while the healing process takes place after use of the UVB lamp.

Please contact us for further information regarding treatment or our products as we shall be more than happy to assist you.

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