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It is evident among our patients that Vitiligo Treatment Results can vary dependent on many factors. As we are all unique, our bodies react differently to the treatment of Vitiligo. This in turn has an effect on the amount of time it takes to see full and complete pigmentation.

Vitiligo Treatment Results Case Study    

The pics above from our  Case Study  year during June to September 2017 refer. Left to right:

24th June – Before treatment- Spots and small patches visible:

29th July – Vitilox Pigmentation Cream & Vitamins used. Melanin is responding well and skin pigment returning quickly. Stubborn spots remain:

19th September – Treatment complete -Vitilox Maintenance Serum sorted out the stubborn spots.


Case studies over the years prove that pigmentation appears within only 2 weeks for some patients. We have seen full pigmentation taking place on patients with a 15% body coverage within 2 months.

Vitiligo Products

We all react differently to the treatment. Pigmentation is normally seen within the initial 6-10 week treatment period.

Once initial pigmentation starts the process speeds up considerably. This to be due to the fact that the Melanocytes have now initiated the Melanin to process again. This process leads to the return of our pigmentation.

Some areas of the body like the inner  lips where we cannot apply Vitiligo cream to directly, start pigmentation. Again this is due to the Melanin rejuvenation.

Our research shows that a small percentage of patients  reach 90% re-pigmentation. The pigmentation process slows down once a 90% success rate is seen. This is very frustrating as it almost seems that the last few patch or spots, (normally found on the hands, feet, or knees) just won’t budge. However If you are in this minority, carry on with the treatment until the pigmentation responds again.

Once pigmentation starts, your body begins to product Melanin. Once the melanin starts working, in time, full pigmentation takes place.

Hands Case Study

The above pic is from a Testimonial one of our customers sent to us. She persevered with the treatment on her daughter, and  was happy that pigmentation returned. See our Testimonial page for more on this case.

We value all your feedback. Our Research & Development department are striving to further enhance our products.

Please contact one of our consultants, and we will guide you through the last steps to get rid of stubborn spots.


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