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Vitiligo Lip Treatment

If you have localised Vitiligo to the lips, or are suffering from Vitiligo around the lips and on the inner lips, we recently introduced our Vitilox Vitiligo Lip Treatment product to help soothe the inner lips, and to treat this very sensitive area. Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes the pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) to
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Genetic Vitiligo Case Study

Genetic Vitiligo

Many people with Vitiligo also have a family history of the condition. As it runs in the family, it does suggest that Genetics play a role. In the past many Vitiligo patients have felt that if their Vitiligo is hereditary, treatment is not possible. We have found that by using the correct product, it can
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World Vitiligo Day 2019

World Vitiligo Day

World Vitiligo Day 2019 falls on Tuesday the 25th June: This year it shall be focusing on the mental and medical journey of Vitiligo as well as the social impact of Vitiligo. The most difficult part of living with Vitiligo isn’t necessarily the medical issues, but rather the social and emotional difficulties that accompany the
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Vitiligo Skin Trauma Treatment

One of the main causes of Vitiligo is Skin Trauma. Vitiligo Skin Trauma can be caused by various injuries, e.g. Sun Burn, Cuts, Injuries, Rashes, Allergies and Chemicals. Vitiligo Skin Trauma Treatment starts with Vitilox! Generally, Vitiligo will start around the injured area. It may remain localised to this area or spread to other parts
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T-Cell-V or Vitamin B12 for Vitiligo?

Vitiligo Treatment – Vitamin B12 or T-Cell-V ?? With the introduction of the new T-Cell-V tablets, how do we know which is the correct vitamin to use? Vitilox Vitamin B12 & Folic acid: This product is recommended for children from 3 years as well as for adults. We recommend these tablets be taken if you
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Vitiligo Hand Case Study

At Vitiligo Treatment, we have the widest range of products available to treat the majority of the Vitiligo conditions. If you are unsure of the correct product for your own condition, please fill out our free Vitiligo Assessment on the website. We conducted the following Vitiligo Hand Case Study in 2018. This case involved treating
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Vitiligo Immune Dysfunction Explained

We know that Vitiligo is a loss of pigment in the skin due to the destruction of pigment forming cells called Melanocytes. Here Vitiligo Immune Dysfunction is explained The natural colour of your skin comes from a pigment called melanin, which is produced by cells called melanocytes. The Vitiligo skin disorder characterized by white patches
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Vitiligo Case Study – Children

Vitiligo Case Study – Children. At Vitiligo Treatment, we do our best to ensure we have the right products available to treat as many different Vitiligo conditions as possible.  We invest in our own research and development. We also correspond continuously with our patients by way of initial online assessments, advice, support and ongoing treatment
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Vitiligo on the Joints

Vitiligo on the Joints – Hands, Feet, Knees, Elbows, Vitiligo Treatment is very involved in the Vitiligo Community, and offers free support and consultations from our websites in the USA, Australia, and South Africa. We receive assessments from Vitiligo patients all over the world. One of the topics that arises is the fact that Vitiligo
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Vitiligo – Condition and Treatment

We would like to reiterate a little about Vitiligo – the Condition and Treatment. What is this condition? Vitiligo manifests as white spots or patches on the skin. These patches can appear anywhere on the body. In some cases the patches will spread while in others it will remain localized. Vitiligo does not discriminate and
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Vitilox Vitiligo PMF

Vitilox PMF Formula

Vitilox Vitiligo PMF – Vitiligo Pigmentation Management Formula Who should take the formula? Patients who have regained their pigmentation after treatment with the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream to ensure that the Vitiligo spots don’t  appear elsewhere on areas not yet treated. Predisposed individuals who have a family history of Vitiligo even if they do not yet
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Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream & Vitamins

Vitiligo Treatment – Vitiligo is a genetic and autoimmune skin disorder. Vitiligo causes the skin loses its natural colour. The lose of colour is due to lack of pigmentation. Vitiligo can develop from any age, but is more prevalent in the 17 – 45 year age groups. People suffering with the Vitiligo condition develop white
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