Vitiligo Skin Trauma Treatment

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One of the main causes of Vitiligo is Skin Trauma. Vitiligo Skin Trauma can be caused by various injuries, e.g. Sun Burn, Cuts, Injuries, Rashes, Allergies and Chemicals. Vitiligo Skin Trauma Treatment starts with Vitilox!

Generally, Vitiligo will start around the injured area. It may remain localised to this area or spread to other parts of the body if you are predisposed to the condition.

We have had a lot of success with our Vitilox products on patients who have suffered from Vitiligo started by skin trauma. We would like to share this recent case where the patient’s Vitiligo started around an injury to the wrist. Note that all the pics that follow were sent to us by the patient.

Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitilox VitaminsOur patient sent us this pic once she received her Vitilox Products:

Our patient experienced a cut and skin laceration to her wrist. Soon after the cut to her wrist area healed white patches began to show around the scar area. She is predisposed to Vitiligo, and the scar area quickly spread into localised Vitiligo around her wrist areas.

We decided that as the area being treated was small, and still in the early stages to use the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream to repigment the wrist areas, and also add the Vitamin B12’s to prevent any further spread.

It is important to stop the further spread of the condition when treatment is underway with the Pigmentation Cream.
She purchased the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream & Vitilox B12 and folic acid tablets.

Vitiligo Before Treatment with the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and VitaminsThis pic was received before any treatment had been administered. 

The above pic can clearly show how the scar area has depigmented on the one side, and is spreading. If left untreated, the Vitiligo would normally carry on spreading in this area, and may spread to other parts of her body.

Pigmentation returning to the effected Vitiligo areaTreatment is underway using the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream & Vitamin B12 Vitamins

After a few weeks she sent us another photo showing how the patch was now half the original size. The melanocytes have reacted well to her treatment, and melanin (pigmentation) is being produced at a fast rate.

Vitiligo Successfully treated with the Pigmentation Cream and VitaminsTreatment is complete, and her wrist has it’s natural skin pigment tone totally restored.

It wasn’t long before she excitedly sent us a picture of her wrist minus any sign of Vitiligo.
Another exciting example of the healing power of Vitilox.

Vitiligo can be Successfully Treated!


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