Vitiligo and Allergies

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Vitiligo and Allergies

From our ongoing assessments, and also patient consultations, we have noticed that Allergies do cause Vitiligo to trigger, or spread. Vitiligo and Allergies do have a very strong connection, especially if you are predisposed to the condition.

Vitiligo and Allergies are very closely connected, and many of our new patients see the first signs of Vitiligo appearing once they become effected or have an allergic reaction due to the change of seasons or chemical induced allergies.

Vitiligo and Allergies

Why are Allergies more prone in Spring?

The difference in temperature and rainfall patterns affect the pollination of plants and the growth of mold spores. These are the common allergy triggers that generally increase during nature’s growth season of spring.

Grass pollen allergy commonly causes nasal symptoms such as itching, sneezing, congestion or a watery, streaming nose, while tree pollen may trigger allergic rhinitis, or a runny nose, hay fever, and red, itchy eyes. It is the scratching of these irritants that causes the damage to the skin which in turn causes Vitiligo to appear in predisposed individuals.

What about other Seasons?

Unfortunately, seasonal allergies aren’t limited to spring. Things improve a little in autumn, especially if it’s a wet season, as moisture in the air weight’s down pollen and prevents it from becoming airborne. However, rain also fosters the growth of mold spores, which are another common natural allergen. It is important for you to get treatment for your allergies to prevent side effects and conditions such as Vitiligo from manifesting.


Detergents, soaps, cleaners are some of the chemicals and substances that can irritate the skin. They can wear down the oily, protective layer on skin surface and lead to irritant contact dermatitis.

Vitiligo and Allergies

Irritant contact dermatitis is common among people who regularly work with strong chemicals or detergents, such as at restaurant, maintenance workers, and chemical workers. It is also seen in people who do a lot of housework due to contact with cleaning products.

Initially the skin reacts by swelling and then very small lacerations will appear. These small itchy spots can very easily trigger Vitiligo if you are predisposed to it, or cause the further spread of the condition if you do have Vitiligo.

Vitiligo and Allergies

If you have just seen the first signs of Vitiligo appearing, or are now noticing an increase in the spread of your Vitiligo condition, please do not rule out Allergies, either air borne or chemical.

We are here to help. Please feel free to ask any questions or complete our free Vitiligo assessment form for further treatment information.


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