Vitiligo Hand Case Study

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We conducted the following Vitiligo Hand Case Study in 2018. This case involved treating a child’s hand with the Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream and Vitilox Vitiligo Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid.

The pigmentation results did take a while to first appear, but as the hand is a joint area and under constant movement trauma, this is not uncommon.

The results speak for themselves. We must commend the mother of the child as she was adamant to help her child regain her natural skin pigmentation again, and persisted until full pigmentation had been achieved.

Note that when using our products, pigmentation results are permanent. We treat the Melanocytes (Melanin producing cells) as opposed to the upper dermis or by artificially inducing pigmentation to the hair follicle area.

The Vitiligo Hand Case Study follows:

Before Vitiligo Treatment:Before Treatment:


Pigmentation appearing in and around the Vitiligo patchPigmentation appearing in and around the Vitiligo patch:


Pigmentation freckles clearly seen within the Vitiligo patchPigmentation freckles clearly seen within the Vitiligo patch:


Pigmentation almost completePigmentation almost complete:


Vitiligo Treatment CompleteTreatment Complete. The Child’s Hand has regained her full natural skin tone:

“Click on the Image above to watch the full Video of this Case Study”


Note that the treatment used in this Case Study was the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitilox B12 & Folic Acid Vitamins.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we shall be more than happy to assist you with information regarding our products or the treatment process.


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