Vitiligo Lip Treatment

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If you have localised Vitiligo to the lips, or are suffering from Vitiligo around the lips and on the inner lips, we recently introduced our Vitilox Vitiligo Lip Treatment product to help soothe the inner lips, and to treat this very sensitive area.

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes the pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) to die. It is common for a loss of pigmentation to occur on the lips and inside the mouth. It may have to do with the constant rubbing that people tend to do in this area, which is a risk factor for Vitiligo patches in susceptible people.

Vitiligo Lip Treatment

Our new Vitilox® Vitiligo Lip Balm has been developed for the re-pigmentation of your lips. This product is specially formulated for the treatment of Vitiligo. Vitilox Lip Balm contains stimulating elements which are absorbed deep down triggering the Melanocytes thus releasing the pigment Melanin.

Vitiligo Lip Treatment

The Lip Balm is an excellent way to treat your inner or lip surface. The formulation of this product enables it to be rubbed onto the lip and remain there for a good few hours. The element used for the pigmentation of the lips is therefore able to remain intact, and active for longer.

We have combined the healing properties of our cream into a pleasant tasting easy to use lip balm.

Vitiligo Lip Treatment

There are no known side effects when using this Lip Balm as instructed, as it is made from natural ingredients. It is 100% safe.

At Vitiligo Treatment we do not use any scheduled drugs!

Conveniently packaged to carry in your bag or pocket it can be used up to 3 times a day. Vitilox works quickly in stimulating the pigmentation process.

We recommend that our Vitilox Lip Balm be used in conjunction with our Vitilox T-Cell-V tablets (for patients over 8 years of age), or the Vitamin B12 & Folic acid tablets to prevent  any further spread of the condition. Vitiligo Lip Treatment is now achievable!

Remember that if you are unsure of the correct product required to successfully treat your own Vitiligo condition, please submit the Free Vitiligo Assessment and one of our qualified consultants shall respond with the correct treatment for you. Click HERE for the submission.


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