Vitiligo – Condition and Treatment

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We would like to reiterate a little about Vitiligo – the Condition and Treatment.

What is this condition?

Vitiligo Manifests as White Patches

Vitiligo manifests as white spots or patches on the skin. These patches can appear anywhere on the body. In some cases the patches will spread while in others it will remain localized.

Vitiligo does not discriminate and affects both males and females of all races and all ages.

Your local GP or dermatologist will confirm the diagnosis. If the doctor is unsure of the diagnosis, he may do a biopsy.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition and is not contagious. Autoimmune diseases cause certain cells in the body to attack other healthy cells.

Support is Important to Alieviate Stress and Prevent Depression

Possibly the worst side effect of Vitiligo is the embarrassment it causes the patient. This self-consciousness leads to anxiety and stress, which unfortunately causes the Vitiligo to spread further.


We have the Vitilox Cover Cream that hides the condition during treatment. This can be very beneficial in dropping your stress levels. This therefore, helps in obtaining faster results by slowing down the spread of the condition while you are under treatment.

Vitiligo patients require a good support system to ensure they do not become stressed or depressed. If you know of someone who is struggling to come to terms with their Vitiligo condition, provide as much support as possible. Try to reassure them that the condition does not affect their abilities in any way. They can go out and achieve as much as anyone else. Teach them to strive to do their best as people will notice their achievements and not notice their condition.

Both physical stress such as childbirth and mental stress are triggers for Vitiligo. It may also a genetic condition. People whose parents or grandparents have the condition may at some stage develop Vitiligo.

There is no single instant quick cure. In some instances, it may take a long time for the skin’s pigment to return. It may also require more that one type of treatment. An example is where the cream is used in conjunction with the UVB Lamp. However, many people have reported seeing astonishing quick pigmentation results when using our products.


Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitamins


Our signature product, ‘Vitilox Pigmentation Cream’ has the unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin and rejuvenate the Melanocytes into producing melanin again. Once pigmentation is seen it is permanent in the areas being treated.

We offer the ‘Vitamins’ with the Cream that also prevents the further spread of your Vitiligo in other areas of your body whilst under treatment.


Vitilox Cover Cream

Our Vitilox Cover Cream can be applied over the Pigmentation Cream without disturbing the healing process taking place under the camouflage.


At Vitiligo Treatment we offer products specially formulated to treat Vitiligo. We have been offering support and treatment advice since 2001, and are able to help all sufferers to find the best treatment for their own specific condition.

Remember we also have the free Vitiligo Assessment which can be found on our website. One of our trained consultants will evaluate your condition, and help you choose the correct product for your treatment going forward.

We trust this information on Vitiligo – Condition and Treatment has been beneficial. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.?


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