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Vitilox PMF Formula

Vitilox Vitiligo PMF – Vitiligo Pigmentation Management Formula

Who should take the formula?

Patients who have regained their pigmentation after treatment with the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream to ensure that the Vitiligo spots don’t  appear elsewhere on areas not yet treated.

Predisposed individuals who have a family history of Vitiligo even if they do not yet have the condition.

Why is Vitilox PMF essential for ongoing treatment of Vitiligo?

Individuals who have Vitiligo have shown to have low levels of B12 and Folic acid. Because of the absent of sufficient amounts of these substances they experience an increase in Homocysteine.

Consequently, a nutritional deficiency of these vitamins results in an increase of Homocysteine in the body. Elevated Homocysteine levels is a precipitating factor for Vitiligo in predisposed individuals.  High Homocysteine levels increase the Oxidative stress on Vitiligo patient’s melanocytes (melanin/pigment forming cells).

Vitiligo is a chronic condition which may persist for a long time or constantly reoccur. While Vitilox Pigmentation Cream will restore pigmentation, it is essential to ensure there is no further outbreak. We are constantly researching breakthroughs in the treatment of Vitiligo and in doing so have come up with a unique formula to manage the condition.

Vitilox Pigmentation Management Formula controls homocysteine levels. It contains increased amounts of vitamin B6, B12, Folic Acid and Trimethylglycine used to modulate Homocysteine levels. Replacing these vitamins helps the homocysteine level to return to normal. The melanocytes are repaired and as a result pigment forming cells produce melanin again.


Vitiligo is a genetic condition. In fact 25% to 50% of people with Vitiligo have a relative with Vitiligo, and about 6% have siblings with Vitiligo.

Many people with Vitiligo also have a personal or family history of autoimmune disease. When the immune system attacks your body’s own healthy tissues this is known as an autoimmune disease. In Vitiligo this autoimmune condition destroys the skins Melanocytes thus causing the melanin of the skin to change. As a result, white patches and spots appear on the skin as well as the hair and even the colour of the eyes may be affected.

Additional Benefits

Studies have shown that Vitiligo patients have a predisposition to abnormal cholesterol and glucose intolerance and increased homocysteine levels that can lead to cardiovascular risks. Vitilox PMF is of benefit to both the skin manifestations experienced by Vitiligo patients as well other potential conditions. Vitilox Management formula returns the homocysteine levels to normal thereby reducing the risk.

Vitiligo Treatment is passionate about the treatment of Vitiligo sufferers.

We believe our new Vitilox PMF product will have life changing consequences for Vitiligo sufferers and those who have a predisposition towards Vitiligo.


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