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Vitiligo Treatment provides clinically proven products to treat your own individual Vitiligo Condition. Our Vitilox Products together with our professional consultants and after sales Treatment Support have contributed to our international success and rapid growth.

Vitilox has been described as the most Advanced and Effective Range of Vitiligo Products Available!

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Vitiligo Consultants
We offer Free Vitiligo Assessments to ensure that you receive the correct Treatment for your own Individual Vitiligo Condition.
Diagnosing Vitiligo
The Onset of Vitiligo can attributed to triggers that include Hereditary, Diet, Trauma, Stress, Chemicals, and Lacerations
Vitiligo Treatment Products
There are many Different Types of Vitiligo. We offer Multiple Products to ensure you see Permanent Pigmentation Results!

Vitiligo Treatment offers professional advice and consultations to Vitiligo sufferers. Our trained consultants are able to evaluate your own individual Vitiligo condition, and advise you on the best suited products and treatment methods to help best restore your natural skin pigmentation.

Vitilox® Vitiligo Pigmentation Process

Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream is applied to Vitiligo affected areas of the skin. It is quickly absorbed and penetrates deep down to assist and stimulate the production of Melanocyte cells, enabling the production of new melanin/skin pigmentation to help restore your natural skin tone.

Vitiligo Evident – Absence of Pigmentation
Vitiligo treatment in progress
During Treatment – Melanin Freckles Appearing
Vitiligo Treatment Completed
Treatment Complete – Pigmentation Restored

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