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Myths & Facts

Vitiligo Treatment have composed an interesting and informative list of Vitiligo Myths & Facts. Our consultants deal with many patients around the world daily. Our main aim is to assist patients with the Vitiligo disorder both with encouragement and advise on treatment for their particular condition. Here we list some of the myths that are still of concern to our patients.

Myths & Facts

Myths and Facts

Myth: The white patches people develop on their skin is because their ancestors were of mixed-race.
Fact: Vitiligo can affect anyone. Vitiligo has nothing to do with race but occurs as the result of damaged or destroyed melanocytes. When the melanocytes stop producing melanin white patches appear. Melanin gives your skin its natural colour tone.


Myth: Vitiligo is a condition which only affects people who have dark-skin tones.
Fact: Vitiligo can affect people of all races. Because the white patches are of such contrast against a darker skin Vitiligo is more obvious on people with darker skin tones.


Myth: Vitiligo is the beginning of other skin diseases such as leprosy, and albinism.
Fact: Vitiligo is a separate condition. Although Leprosy is not caused by lack of melanin but by an infection it also manifests as faded patches on the skin. Slow-growing bacteria affects the nerves and if left untreated can result in crippling of hands and feet, paralysis, and blindness. Once a deadly disease these days an early diagnosis will ensure the successful treatment of Leprosy. Albinism is purely a hereditary. Both parents need to give the albinism gene to a child to cause albinism. Albinism is a full and complete lack of skin pigment.


Myth: Vitiligo comes with an increased risk of skin cancer.
Fact: The fact is that people with Vitiligo have a reduced risk of contracting skin cancer.


Myth: Vitiligo only affects skin that is exposed, such as faces and hands.
Fact: White patches caused by Vitiligo tend to occur more commonly in these sun-exposed areas. Therefore, we commonly see patches of Vitiligo on hands, feet, arms, face and lips. However, Vitiligo patches occur over all area of the body.


Myth: Vitiligo is a life-threatening disease.
Fact: Vitiligo is in no way a life-threatening deadly disease. It is a harmless nevertheless distressing condition. Vitiligo can be life-changing in that it may affect your confidence and self-esteem.


Myth: People with Vitiligo must be avoided at all cost as it is contagious.
Fact: Vitiligo is neither contagious nor infectious and cannot be caught by touching people with the condition. Unfortunately, there are still communities which are uneducated in the facts of the condition. In these communities there is often a stigma against Vitiligo sufferers, and they may be ostracized.


Myth: Vitiligo is a sexual transmitted disease.
Fact: Vitiligo cannot be transmitted sexually. Not by touch, body fluid or in any other way.


Myth: Vitiligo cannot be treated nor is it possible for your skin pigmentation to return.
Fact: The truth is Vitiligo can be successfully treated. Our many case studies provide evidence of people regaining their re-pigmentation. The patients in the case studies achieved re-pigmentation using supplements and cream from the Vitilox range of products.


Our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream is used to re-pigmentation your skin. It penetrates deep into the melanocytes causing the production of melanin giving back your natural skin tone. Additionally, we have a variety of supplements available. Some of our supplements stop the spread. We also have capsules that can to taken to prevent the onset of Vitiligo in predisposed individuals. For further information visit our store HERE.

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