World Vitiligo Day 2019

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World Vitiligo Day

World Vitiligo Day 2019 falls on Tuesday the 25th June:

This year it shall be focusing on the mental and medical journey of Vitiligo as well as the social impact of Vitiligo.

The most difficult part of living with Vitiligo isn’t necessarily the medical issues, but rather the social and emotional difficulties that accompany the diagnosis.

Since inception in 2001, Vitiligo Treatment has offered community support and formed groups where we would discuss the difficulties of living with the condition.

As the groups grew, we opened our website, and concentrated on online consultations and assessments.

As the company grew, and from evaluating Vitiligo assessments, we began to realise that many products being offered to the Vitiligo public were not safe, and did not work.

After years of studying the condition, we found the ingredients for a safe and effective product that did produce results. We perfected the formula and this was the beginning of the Vitilox Range of Products.

We now have offices in three continents, and our product range has expanded as the need arose though feedback and discussions with Vitiligo patients.

We have tried to address all issues that caused concern for our patients, and have a range of products available to treat all cases of Vitiligo.

On that note we are excited to introduce our new:  ‘ Vitilox Vitiligo Lip Balm ‘Vitilox Lip BalpVitilox Lip Balm – Vitiligo Lip Treatment

White patches or spots on your lips or around the corner of your mouth could very well be caused by Vitiligo. Vitiligo on the corner of the mouth may spread to the inner lip area as well. It may depigment the inner lip and top of the lips.

Recently we have had more and more requests for a treatment specifically for the lip.

We have had our researchers and chemist working on a lip balm specifically for Vitiligo. We have combined the healing properties of our cream and combined it into a pleasant tasting easy to use lip balm to treat and repigment the lips.


Vitilox Products

We recommend that our Vitilox Lip Balm be used in conjunction with our Vitilox Vitamin B12 and folic acid or Vitilox T-Cell-V tablets.

As a special thanks to all our loyal customers and those wishing to try our products for the first time we are offering a 15% discount for World Vitiligo Day – 25th June 2019.

Important: If you wish to take advantage and purchase at this discounted rate, you shall need to use the discount COUPON CODE–  WVD2109  that appears on your cart checkout page. Once entered, the product/s shall automatically be discounted. You may then proceed to checkout.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you require any further information pertaining to this article or require any additional detailed information on our products.


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