Vitiligo After Treatment?

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 Vitiligo After Treatment?

“Is there a possibility of the Vitiligo returning after I Finish Treatment?”


“How long after pigmentation has returned do I need to carry on using the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream?”


How does the treatment work?

How does the treatment work?


Vitilox Pigmentation Cream is formulated to penetrate deep down into the Melanocytes to excite them into producing melanin again. Your natural skin tone returns with the release of melanin. The result is permanent pigmentation of your skin as it is produced by your own melanin.

Use Vitilox Maintenance Serum  to smooth out your skin tone.

Melanocytes that have been rejuvenated or ‘repaired’ are stimulated into producing  pigmentation. Your natural skin tone will be restored along with your confidence.

Oils, lotions, or steroid based products being sold that give your outer skin a temporary ‘tan’ should be avoided. You want a permanent solution but these are short lived as it does not stimulate Melanin.

Our defining success can be attributed to the fact that Vitilox Pigmentation Cream works beneath the surface of the skin.

What treatment to use after the pigment returns.

To answer the second question, once pigmentation has returned, we recommend you use Vitilox B12 & Folic Acid Vitamins (one bottle of 60 tablets) for at least another 2 months.

The Vitilox B12 & Folic Acid Vitamins stop the further spread of  Vitiligo. In initial treatment they also help to reduce your stress levels.

Because Vitilox B12 & Folic Acid Vitamins slow down and even stop the spread of Vitiligo they can be taken for life. You can safely take them as they will not cause any harm, and you have the added benefit of boosting your energy levels.

Vitilox Products

Visit our website for further information on any of our products.  You can also correspond with a consultant through our website. Feel free to fill in an assessment form on line for expert advice. In Fact our Consultants are highly qualified to advise on your treatment.  Contact details are available for South Africa, Australia and Internationally.


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