What makes Vitilox Products unique

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What makes Vitilox Pigmentation products unique?  Many products that are being advertised claiming guaranteed quick cures for Vitiligo are in fact misleading leaving many Vitiligo patients feeling despondent.

Since inception in 2001, Vitiligo Treatment has been evaluating and supporting patients with Vitiligo. After many years of conferring with  Vitiligo patients, we were able to formulate our first product, the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream. After running a case study with 30+ patients, the results were astounding. We knew then that we had manufactured the correct product, with the correct formulation.

Over the years we have added further products and are now able to treat all conditions. Yes, Vitilox products are unique!

Over the past 25 years certain products used in the treatment of Vitiligo have been withdrawn from the market following reports of negative side effects by patients.

What makes Vitilox Products unique?

Vitilox products were introduced for long lasting effects as opposed to a temporary cure. This is what makes Vitilox Products unique!

What causes Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition which causes de-pigmentation of the skin color resulting in white patches. Autoimmune diseases causes a person’s immune system to react against the body’s own healthy organs or tissues. People’s skin reacts by producing a proteins called cytokines that alters pigment producing cells as a result these cells die. The name given to pigment producing cells is Melanocytes and the pigment they produce is Melanin.

What makes Vitilox Products unique?

What makes Vitilox Products unique?

The ingredient of Vitilox Pigmentation Cream are formulated to stimulate the melanocytes thereby triggering the cells into producing melanin. Melanin re-pigments the affected areas of your skin.

The re-pigmentation process takes up to 8 weeks for the first spots or freckles to appear. Once pigmentation starts the melanocytes cause melanin production to accelerate and become even more apparent.

What makes Vitilox Products unique?

Vitilox is making huge inroads in the Vitiligo community. Our continuous research and development shall ensure that our products are of the highest standards, and able to treat all skin types and conditions.

We believe that we are fast becoming the most renowned solution for permanent results.

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