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Treating a High Vitiligo Coverage

Vitiligo High Body Coverage

When we have had Vitiligo for many years, or it is spreading rapidly, (more than a 25% body coverage) we need to use a product that is capable of first slowing down and stopping the further spread of the Vitiligo before looking at restoring our natural skin tone. Treating a High Vitiligo Coverage is very
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World Vitiligo Day 2019

World Vitiligo Day

World Vitiligo Day 2019 falls on Tuesday the 25th June: This year it shall be focusing on the mental and medical journey of Vitiligo as well as the social impact of Vitiligo. The most difficult part of living with Vitiligo isn’t necessarily the medical issues, but rather the social and emotional difficulties that accompany the
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Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream & Vitamins

Vitiligo Treatment – Vitiligo is a genetic and autoimmune skin disorder. Vitiligo causes the skin loses its natural colour. The lose of colour is due to lack of pigmentation. Vitiligo can develop from any age, but is more prevalent in the 17 – 45 year age groups. People suffering with the Vitiligo condition develop white
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What makes Vitilox Products unique

What makes Vitilox Pigmentation products unique?  Many products that are being advertised claiming guaranteed quick cures for Vitiligo are in fact misleading leaving many Vitiligo patients feeling despondent. Since inception in 2001, Vitiligo Treatment has been evaluating and supporting patients with Vitiligo. After many years of conferring with  Vitiligo patients, we were able to formulate
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