At the Vitiligo Treatment online clinic, we strive to help everyone who has the Vitiligo to find the appropriate treatment for their condition, and to offer support, and free consultations.

Vitiligo Treatment presently has offices in the United States, Australia, and South Africa.

Note that we are the manufacturers of the Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream, Vitilox® Vitamins, Vitilox® Cover Cream,Vitilox® PMF Supplements, Vitilox® Bath Salts, Vitilox® UVB Home Therapy Lamp, and the Vitilox® Maintenance Serum.

We treat all our clients as individuals, and have learnt over the years that no one person that has Vitiligo is the same. Due to the many causes of Vitiligo, it is important to first ascertain the underlying components, before we offer the appropriate treatment for that patient.

There are many websites that claim a quick fix cure for Vitiligo. This is of course not true.

Saying that, Vitiligo can be successfully treated, and our founding member and our customers are testament to that.

At Vitiligo Treatment, we are dedicated to skin health care. We know that unsightly skin conditions can have a tremendous impact on your self-image. This can erode your self confidence and impact your day-to-day quality of living.

Vitiligo affects 1-2% of the world population. If you do have Vitiligo, you are certainly not alone, and many around you shall hide the symptoms by using camouflage creams, makeup, or excess clothing.

Vitiligo Treatment has been involved in the treatment of Vitiligo for over 18 years.

In 1999, our founding member became aware of white spots  appearing over his skin, and these quickly started to evolve into patches.

Desperate to rid himself of the rapidly growing ‘white patches’ on his skin, he started ordering and taking medication like steroids, ‘rapid pigmentation’, quarterzone, and some other ‘Quick Cure’ drugs that shall not be mentioned here. None of them worked.

Another 2-3 years passed before he discovered the element that started the pigmentation process. Although that element was in oral form, we at Vitiligo Treatment have extracted the actuator and now use it in our Vitilox® Product range.

Note that our products are completely safe to use, and we have patients as young as five years of age using them.

At Vitiligo Treatment, we manufacture under the trademark of Vitilox®.

Being the manufacturer, we do hold ample stock for both local and international export orders.

One of the big advantages of Vitilox® is that it can be used to restore your pigmentation without any light source or UVB lamp.

However, if used with a UVB light source it does accelerate the time frame required to regain pigmentation. We therefore do offer a UVB Lamp which is FDA approved and manufactured by a leading medical company for the treatment of Vitiligo in conjunction with our Vitilox®  Pigmentation Cream.

Our Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream is also well used in many Phototherapy Labs as an ‘Application Cream’ before and after treatment.

At Vitiligo Treatment, we don’t make any false claims, nor do we advertise any fake success stories. Our results do speak for themselves, and you are free to contact us before ordering any of our products to ascertain which product would best suit your own Vitiligo condition.

We do offer a free Vitiligo Assessment form if you would like one of our consultants to assess your condition. All Assessments are answered within a two business day period.

Vitilox® is really a unique product, and is fast becoming the most widely used product in restoring your natural pigmentation.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our products, treatment, or application, please don’t hesitate to contact us for  further information.