why us?

We have expanded exponentially over the years, and now have offices in the USA, Australia, and South Africa. From these offices we are able to successfully ship and deliver our product range Worldwide.

We offer Free Assessments and Consultations globally. We also offer the Vitilox® range of products that have become the preferred, most stable form of treatment available for Vitiligo.

Over the years we have accumulated a strong set of case studies and Vitilox® Product Reviews on third party websites that explain our products and successful treatment cases in depth.

Our YouTube Videos may not be ‘Oscar winning productions’ but are real Case Studies submitted by our patients.


Vitiligo Treatment has been supporting and consulting Vitiligo sufferers since inception in 2001.

Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the Vitiligo condition. Our Assessments and Consultations have given us valuable insight into the various products on the market and how our patients have rated them.

We know what Products are Successfully used and which Do Not Work. We know only too well of companies offering a one product fixes all solution, and this is of course not possible. The feedback we have received back from the Vitiligo community has helped us identify and recommend the correct Treatment Products for all patients.

If you are using other products and require help, let us know. We know them all very well and can help you with medical advice for your own successful treatment.

As we manufacture a large range of Vitiligo products, our lab technicians are well versed in what you should and should not be using.

Vitiligo is a condition that effects 2% of the world’s population, and the triggers for Vitiligo are extensive.  Once Vitiligo has appeared, it requires the correct product or products to treat that individual condition successfully.

Vitiligo Can Be Treated Successfully, and once treated, results are permanent in the areas treated. In genetic cases we also offer solutions to prevent the onset and further re-occurrence of the condition.

Our team consists of skin care professionals. Our primary business is Consultations, and Assessments. Most of our staff have been exposed to Vitiligo or other skin disorders in their career at some or another. This valuable experience has given us the edge in the Vitiligo Treatment arena.

We also have Dermatologists on board and as we manufacture our own Vitilox products, do have lab technicians available if you require in depth product information. So, whether you have a medical or product related query we have the expertise to assist you going forward.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for Free advice or an Online Consultation. We have the experience and dedicated personal available to help and support you!


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