The the answer to this question is so simple – whatever cream works for me has to be the best cream, for me anyway! But I suppose the problem lies in finding that cream that works for me. So, What is the Best Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream?

What is the Best Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream?

First do no harm!

One of the first things that healthcare students are taught is a Latin phrase: Primum non nocere. Simply put, it means ‘first do no harm’. People suffering from Vitiligo certainly want a Vitiligo cream that will not harm the skin.

When you have Vitiligo, you become hyper-conscious of your skin and you become aware of how easy it is to harm your skin, be it on the hands, knees, feet or face. That basically means that you are not going to be the first person to try out a Vitiligo cream. You do not want to get caught by someone selling snake oil – or any concoction that he, or she, has dreamed up overnight, so to find the best Vitiligo cream, you need to undertake a series of checks before trusting a cream that you have not used before.

Is there a track record?

If the Vitiligo cream has been used by other Vitiligo users and they have been prepared to send in comments and pictures of themselves as Vitiligo actually diminishes as they use the cream, that is a good starting point.

Check that both the company and the reviews have been ongoing for at least a decade or two because if the reviews were fake, the website would not have kept going for ten years or more. In addition, if a Vitiligo cream is going to have negative effects on someone’s skin, it would have happened in less than ten years.

What is the Best Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream?

What about the ingredients?

If the cream has mysterious ingredients known only to the company that makes the cream, be very wary. Basic advertising techniques will tell you that companies make up “scientific sounding” names of products because the buyer will think that the developer is a very clever scientific person. Know that you want a cream that will treat the depigmentation of your skin and not a magic potion that might be in the air but does nothing for your pigmentation. A good Vitiligo cream will act on your pigmentation.

A good Vitiligo cream will contain natural ingredients and not chemicals because one’s skin is so fragile, especially if there is depigmentation. Some people could well experience a very negative reaction to chemical ingredients. Be wise, be safe, stick to natural ingredients.

The best Vitiligo cream is one that works by activating the production of melatonin, the pigment that gives natural skin tone. The best cream is one that penetrates deep into the cells of the skin. The melanocytes need to be repaired and stimulated into releasing your melanin and natural skin pigment again.

Vitiligo and allergies

Does the best Vitiligo cream have the best perfume?

No, no and no! Try to avoid creams with perfumes and scents because perfumes and scents cause allergies and could trigger a negative reaction when used on your skin.

Besides which, no one wants a stronger perfume emitting from the Vitiligo spots than from the perfume or after shave lotion that you have carefully selected, and possibly spent a lot of money on. The best Vitiligo cream is always as natural as possible and with no perfume at all.

Is it a wonder cream that can miraculously cure Vitiligo overnight?

If it sounds too good to be true, it is! A sure sign of whether the cream is genuinely suitable for Vitiligo is if the developer and the seller of the cream understands that skin takes time to re-pigment. The skin can literally not re-pigment overnight or in a matter of days.

A Vitiligo cream that understands the condition that it is intended to treat will know that it will usually take weeks to start weeing positive results. If the Vitiligo patient has had the condition for a long time, it shall take longer to see results. Patience is a virtue soon learnt by those who have Vitiligo.

Does the seller promise that just a dash of cream, on its own, will cure Vitiligo?

If a dash of cream could cure all Vitiligo skin conditions, that product would long since have claimed world-wide fame! People with Vitiligo know that the skin covers the whole body and so whole body treatment is required – a suitable diet, sun protection, adequate sleep, the right vitamins. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a healthy and appropriate life style to combat Vitiligo.

A good Vitiligo cream is essential to encourage re-pigmentation but you have to roll up your sleeves and help your skin on all fronts.

Can you speak to a real human about the product?

Be cautious about how you spend your money. Even if a product sounds good, be cautious and do some investigation before you send off your hard-earned money to buy a great Vitiligo treatment that might not even exist.

A good Vitiligo cream will definitely come from a company that is not afraid to communicate with you. Always ensure that the cream comes from a company that publicizes its email address and telephone number. Better yet, buy your Vitiligo cream from a company that has a real human who answers the phone and is knowledgeable about Vitiligo and the best cream to use.

Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream

Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream

Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream is what I would call a good Vitiligo cream. The name tells you very clearly that the cream has been developed for the effective repigmentation of your skin. A “Rejuvenator” is something that will “restore to youthful vigour, appearance, or restore to a former state; make fresh or new again.” That is definitely what one looks for in a Vitiligo cream.

You only need to apply a small amount. Rub gently into your skin. It will act as a moisturiser while rejuvenating your pigment-producing cells. The cream can be used by men and women as well as children.

What makes our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream Superior to others?

Our products have been tried tested, and the company Vitiligo Treatment has offices on three continents. Namely the United States, Australia, and South Africa. Our products are distributed from these continents internationally. How does this help you? Well, we are able to support and consults from all three offices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unlike other products that are sold from one location, we offer full support and customer help during the full treatment process. We also know from our ongoing assessments what products work and what do not.

Your free Vitiligo Assessment, which can be found on our website, is assessed by one of our trained consultants. They will evaluate your condition, and help you choose the correct product or products for your treatment going forward.

Remember that at Vitiligo Treatment we do not sell a one product fixes all product, but we do have a range of products required to successfully treat the many different Vitiligo Conditions that do exist.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information pertaining to this article – What is the Best Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream? – or require any additional detailed information on our products.

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