Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream has been formulated to re-pigment the Vitiligo affected areas of your skin. Vitilox Pigmentation Cream penetrates deep into the skin’s cells. The Melanocytes are stimulated into releasing your Melanin.

Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its characteristic color. The amount of Melanin released is what determines your skin tone. Vitilox Pigmentation Cream for Vitiligo contains stimulants that are absorbed into the skin causing these cells to re-activate.

Vitiligo Vitilox Pigmentation Cream

Vitilox Pigmentation Cream Formula:

After many beta versions and case studies, we perfected the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream formula to be suitable for all Vitiligo sufferers. Our natural formula balances your skin’s pH levels between 4.2 to 5.8, leaving your skin rejuvenated, restored, and protected.

Vitilox Pigmentation Cream was also tested on people with skin allergies to ensure that there was no irritation on sensitive skin.

The cream is light and easily absorbed deep into the skin where it can heal from within. It also has great moisturizing properties that prevent your skin from drying out. Once applied the cream will not leave greasy marks on your clothes, bedding, or any surface you touch.

Our hard-hitting mix of antioxidants including vitamin E, Avocado, and Kalahari oil extract promotes cell renewal and encourages the regeneration of the body’s own stem cells.

Our active ingredients are easily absorbed and penetrate deep into the skin. Melanocytes are thereby stimulated into producing the required amount of Melanin to re-pigment your skin.

Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream has been described as the most effective cream available for the recovery of your natural skin tone. As Vitilox Pigmentation Cream only contains natural ingredients there are no known side effects. It is 100% safe.

Vitiligo Vitilox Pigmentation Cream


Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream is best applied to the affected areas of your body once a day, after bathing. However, we suggest you apply the Cream both in the morning and evening to areas that are more exposed to the elements, in particular the face, neck, and hands.

Make sure the areas being treated are clean and dry before applying a small amount of the Pigmentation Cream. Gently rub the cream onto the skin. The cream will not leave a greasy residue but will penetrate deep into the inner layer of your skin.

The Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream remains active for up to 24 hours after application.

If you are treating your face and use makeup or cover cream first apply the Pigmentation Cream. Thereafter you can then apply your makeup as usual.

Although Vitilox Cream was formulated purely for Vitilox we have discovered other amazing healing properties in our formula.  We have found that people struggling with eczema, dermatitis, light cases of psoriasis and dry patches have used this cream with great results. Many patients with Vitiligo that also have these ailments have reported improvement on these areas of their skin.


When is the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream used?

Vitiligo patients who have localized or focal Vitiligo can use the Pigmentation Cream only. Localized or focal Vitiligo is when the condition appears in one area of the body for a year or two and remains dormant without spreading further. Often the spot or patch on that part of the body stays the same size.

We find this condition mainly on the scalp, face, hands, and genitals. For these areas where Vitiligo is not spreading, the Cream is applied twice a day to speed up results.

Our Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream is now widely used in Phototherapy centers, and we also advise that if you are using one of our Home UVB lamps that you also follow the same application. Once UVB treatment is completed, apply the Pigmentation Cream lightly over the areas treated. The Cream will soothe, moisturize and prevent your skin from drying out and flaking.

The Pigmentation Cream also has the added benefit of promoting pigmentation results with UVB Therapy and is known to produce a smoother and blotch-free skin tone.


What do I do if my Vitiligo is Spreading?

We recommend that the Pigmentation Cream be used in conjunction with the supplements if your Vitiligo is still spreading. Remember that we do need to stop the further spread of the Vitiligo before fast and positive results are seen.

We know that in many cases a ‘one product treatment’ for permanent Vitiligo results is not possible. There are many different types of Vitiligo, and many of them do require our Vitilox supplements to be used.

Vitamin B12, Folic Acid & Vitamin D3

If your Vitiligo has just started and is spreading, you would need to look at using the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream with the Vitilox Vitamins. The Vitamins shall slow down the further spread of the condition and allow the Pigmentation Cream to stimulate the pigment producing cells under your skin.

Besides the physical health benefits, Vitilox Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid help relieve stress and anxiety which is essential for the well-being of patients suffering from Vitiligo. The less you stress the less the Vitiligo spreads! Folic acid is also an important element in producing healthy DNA.

Vitamin D3 is associated with an increase in tyrosinase activity, and melanogenesis which contributes to repigmentation in Vitiligo macules. Due to the covid pandemic, we have had to formulate this new element into our B12 & Folic acid to help patients now deficient in this nutrient.

Vitilox® T-Cell-V Immune Therapy – 2 Pack

We also offer the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream with the Vitilox T-Cell-V Therapy capsules for patients who have had Vitiligo for many years, have a higher than 25% Vitiligo body coverage, or are predisposed (hereditary) to Vitiligo. These capsules are formulated with the same base ingredients as the Vitilox Vitamins but also have added elements that are required for long-term sufferers or patients experiencing a rapid or aggressive spread of Vitiligo.

Vitilox T-Cell-V ingredients have been carefully selected to work together to regulate the immune responses in the alteration of the T-Cell’s in people suffering from Vitiligo. The T-helper cells heal and rejuvenate skin by the production of new cells. In patients with Vitiligo T-helper cells are arguably the most important cells in adaptive immunity as they also help activate cytotoxic T-cells to kill infected target cells.


Vitilox Pigmentation Cream Ingredients:

Our Vitiligo Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream is natural and safe. Our list of ingredients follows:

Lipoproteins, Vitamin E, Lanolin, Oligoelements, Avocado oil, Kalahari Melon oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Emulsifying Wax, Xanthan gum, Grapeseed oil, Shea-Butter.


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