It’s the Appearance of the skin:

When a person who suffers from Vitiligo diligently follows a treatment routine, people are amazed at how the pigment begins to return to the skin and how the white patches gradually disappear. They applaud the “natural” look and are happy that all of that person’s concerns have disappeared. But there is much, much more to “before” and “after” treatment. Here we discuss Vitiligo Treatment Results – Before and After.

Vitiligo Treatment Results - Before and After

Leaving the “Before” behind:

The first step in getting to the “after” position is knowing that there are effective treatments for Vitiligo which can certainly manage the symptoms. The increasing popularity of the internet in even the most remote areas has extended information to people who had thought that living with white Vitiligo spots or patches across the body and face was a lifetime condition.

Now people can educate themselves to understand Vitiligo. People with Vitiligo are beginning to understand that Vitiligo can be treated and that treatment will make a huge difference to their skin, and to their lives going forward.

Taking the First step: 

Taking the first step and starting treatment is key! It means researching what is available and carefully selecting a treatment that is effective and has good reviews. You do need to make sure that the reviews are real and that the product you are purchasing is also available on other large online company platforms.

If you can discuss your condition with the makers of Vitiligo treatments before using the treatment, so much the better for your peace of mind and that will help you to ensure that you choose the right treatment for you.

It is hard for some people to take this step because they cannot see an end to the condition and have little hope. Some people are lucky enough to have a supportive partner or a parent, so that the person with Vitiligo does not have to take that step alone. For many people, this is the hardest part of the treatment – admitting the problem and asking for help. 

Vitiligo Treatment Results - Before and After

Questions you need to ask before purchasing are:

  • Are you purchasing a registered Brand product?
  • Do they offer consultations before and during treatment?
  • Are they a Global company with offices  in other countries?
  • Does the company offering you treatment also offer after sales support?
  • Do they offer a range of product to treat the many different Vitiligo conditions?
  • Does the company have enough faith in there own product to offer it on larger online platforms?

At Vitiligo Treatment are able to tick all the above boxes and take pride in understanding the Vitiligo autoimmune condition, and are able to help you choose the correct treatment for your own Vitiligo condition.

Applying Vitilox Pigmentation Cream

Treating the Skin:

Our bodies are quite fragile and succumb to conditions such as Vitiligo, but our bodies are also miraculous and, when given a little help, our bodies heal themselves. Once you start using a specially formulated Vitiligo cream on the areas where you have white spots or patches, the skin will slowly begin to re-pigment the Vitiligo-affected areas of your skin. It may be a matter of a couple of weeks before you see the increase in skin tone and reduction of white spots or patches.

Gradually over time, the pigmentation cream penetrates deep into the skin’s cells and stimulants are absorbed into the skin causing cells to re-activate. The Melanocytes, that is the melanin-forming cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis, are stimulated into releasing your Melanin which is the pigment that gives your skin its own characteristic colour. The amount of Melanin released determines your skin tone, so the darker your skin tone, the more melanin your skin should release.

You do not have to worry whether the cream will make your skin too dark, or too light, because the cream does not give colour to your skin – your own body releases its own melanin to give colour to your skin.

You, of course, are completely unaware of what is happening in the cells in the deeper layers of your skin until, like a new plant pushing its head through the earth as Spring warms up the earth, the melanin is released into your skin cells and gradually, like that Spring flower, rises to the surface level of your skin.

It’s more than the skin:

When you are the one with Vitiligo, you will know that the change to your skin during treatment is only the physical side of the treatment and, quite frankly, the least important part of the Vitiligo condition.

But is Vitiligo not all about the changes to your skin? Is it not about the white patches?

Yes and no! The skin condition is painless and non-contagious. The social and psychological impact is where the pain, the hurt, the embarrassment lies. Granted you would not experience such hurt and rejection if you did not have white blotches all over your skin, but the skin does not hurt, your feelings hurt.

After Vitiligo treatment:

A few people celebrate the difference in their physical appearance when they have Vitiligo but, for most people with Vitiligo, treatment of the condition frees up their mind, heart and soul. Like an octopus slowing emerging from under a rock deep down on the seabed, a person with Vitiligo peers out from his or her hiding place, and looks out at the world with growing confidence. After the treatment, after the dark days of embarrassment and fear of rejection, the sun begins to shine and you awake to the wonder of a world where people do not see you as different. 

Vitilox PMF Management Formula

Keeping up the care:

After care is different for each person who has Vitiligo. It may be using small amounts of cream for a long time, or it may be keeping out of the sun, keeping the skin well-moisturised and taking vitamins regularly.

Importantly, it is engaging in activities that will reduce stress and avoiding those that do cause you to stress. Each body may have reacted differently to Vitiligo, but everyone has one thing in common – taking good care of your skin, your body and your emotions.

Be in control of your condition:

One of our trained consultants will evaluate your condition when you submit your free Vitiligo Assessment, which can be found on our website, and help you choose the correct product or products for your treatment going forward. Remember that you can always request another evaluation should your condition change. Be sure to mention how it has changed, what worked before and whether there were any special triggers.


Remember that at Vitiligo Treatment we do not sell a one product fixes all product, but we do have a range of products required to successfully treat the many different Vitiligo Conditions that do exist.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact-us if you require any further information pertaining to this article – Vitiligo Treatment Results – Before and After – or require any additional detailed information on our products.


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