vitiligo Testimonials

“I read the reviews on this product and was impressed but also cautious. I have previously spent a fortune on other well advertised products and never expected the quick results as with the vitilox cream and vitamins. Yes, the vitamins certainly do stop the spread of this disease and that I believe is your key to success here. The spread (my neck, underarms, hands, legs and feet) stopped within that first month of treatment. The pigment has returned to all my area being treated and I am only battling now with my neck. However, I am not stressed out anymore and know that is only a matter of time before I have those patches sorted. Thanks guys, very happy with the product.” Evie – Sydney, Australia

“I found your products on the net, and after going through the information and reviews on the different products, decided to order the Vitilox Cream and Vitamins. I must admit I was sceptical as I had ordered another brand before, (it never worked) and did not want a repeat of that experience. The products arrived on time, and I was immediately impressed by the Cream quality and texture. It was easy and smooth to apply and absorbed nicely into my skin. Knowing this, I felt more confident and day by day found myself looking forward to the treatment. Yes, my Vitiligo stopped spreading in week 2. I know now that the ‘secret’ to your success is very possibly the ability to stop the spread of this condition. I now felt fully in control of my Vitiligo and carried out my daily quest in destroying this disease! Another month in and my pigment was back. What was I treating? My face, neck and hands. Granted my body coverage was not that high, but this treatment does work. I am now your best ambassador and hope this testament helps others to conquer their Vitiligo.” Dominique – Perth, Australia

“I have been meaning to put a review down for ages now, and thought now would be a perfect time. So, my story is I started over a year ago on the cream and vitamins. I treated both areas under my breasts, my neck, and my lower jawline fully. It did take longer than expected and was a total of 4 or 5 months. After that, I carried on with the vitamins only as a precaution. I am thrilled with the results and have not seen any sign of Vitiligo appearing. My family and friends were skeptical, and when I saw my GP he was shocked. This product does work. For those who feel there is no treatment, you need to chat to a consultant first. They are brilliant and always get back to you.” Jenny Cliff – NC, USA

“My first impression is that the cream is a top-class product and spreads smooth and absorbs better than most expensive moisturizer brands! I have only been using the products for 3 weeks now am yet to see full pigmentation on my neck. However, true to the instructions the spread has stopped and now I am waiting for the pigmentation to start. Thanks guys for a quality product and the quick delivery.” Samantha – NY, USA

“Please put this in your reviews. I stared with your cream only on my face and was ecstatic at the speed that my new skin tone appeared. Two weeks and it was improving so quickly. I then saw spots on my hands and feet and Sharon kindly offered me a free vitamin with my next cream or order to stop the spread. Unfortunately, it took another 3 months for the pigment to fully appear and I had to order a second time. Happy that my skin is back to normal, but it has been a journey.” Jabulile – JHB, South Africa

“After twenty years of treating my Vitiligo with everything from seaweed to the latest and greatest treatments available, I stumbled across the cream and vitamins. I purchased them and started my daily ritual of applying this product as I had with so many products before. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect pigmentation to appear. In my excitement I immediately contacted my local Vitiligo support group, and setup a meeting. I am the pessimist of the group and they were stunned when they saw the new me praising this new product I found. I am now your most powerful marketing person, and my husband gets embarrassed at dinner parties when I start showing my before and after pics. I am amazed by this product and do think that you need to get it out into the public eye. Remember my name, I will be making waves soon.” Justine Sampson – Qld, Australia

“I had awfully bad Vitiligo and was too embarrassed to leave the house as people would stare at me. Sharon helped me to purchase the correct product for my treatment. I still have a long way to go but day by day I can see the pigment returning. Thank you so much for all the encouragement and help to regain not only my skin colour but also my confidence.” Mrs Lombard – Sydney, Australia

“I started using Vitilox pigmentation cream and vitamin B 12 months ago and saw slow progress. My body coverage was 30% or more, and your consultant recommended I change to the T Cell V and what a huge difference. Two months in and many of my patches have almost completely re-pigmented. Many thanks for the great support and quick responses to my emails.” Gavin – SC, USA

“I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the pre order service I received! The consultant I communicated with was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable and answered everything asked. I purchased the Cream and the TCell’s and was disappointed after not seeing any skin tone in 2 weeks of use. I then spoke to Sharon and she answered all my questions and advised me to wait at least another week or two. I was still sceptical, but low and behold, PIGMENTATION started to speckle out on a few of the white patches I was more concerned about. What a relief! As the next month rolled out my skin tone started to come together, and my face, neck and my genitals are now done and dusted. Excuse the pun. Vitiligo Treatment runs a First Class operation and they employ First Class people. I can’t say enough about my satisfaction, a better company, better people, or a better product is difficult to imagine. Thank You Vitiligo Treatment! ” Charmaine Everson – CA, USA

“Vitilox T-Cell-V tablets have been the breakthrough for me. I have not had Vitiligo for very long but when it started it just spread rapidly over half my body. Since adding the T-Cell-V to the Vitilox cream I was using the spread has stopped and there are many “freckles” of pigmentation returning to my skin. Thank you so much for your help and support as well as the speedy delivery.” Gabriela, – PA, USA

“My daughter, now 25, was diagnosed with Vitiligo (genetic) when she was about 15. However, she started losing pigmentation a few years prior to that – we just didn’t know what was causing it. The pigmentation loss is decentralized with one side of her body seemingly affected completely differently to the other. Spots “appeared” across her fingers, arms, elbow-area, armpit, legs belly and shoulders and became worse over the years, with sun-exposure and stress aggravating it. We’ve been exceptionally skeptical of treatments claiming to reverse Vitiligo having tried diet, shakes, juicing and topical treatment and I’ve been reading up on the condition in desperate attempts to find a cure, but I’ve been told that there is no “cure” for the genetic version.  Getting this news is difficult for anyone and terrible for a mom to hear that the “genes” are carried over from the mom rather than the dad. It is even worse for the person diagnosed to deal with – further aggravated when diagnosed in your teenage years. In August 2018, we tried juicing (specific veggies and ginger etc. juiced together with Kale and consumed twice a day – even gifted her a juicer!) That, also, didn’t work. February 2019, we decided to give the Vitilox range a try and ordered the Vitiligo Cream and Vitamins combo-pack – We’ve refilled once (recently) with just the Vitamins as the cream seems to last a good while regardless of the area to be covered. Below are the Before and After pics of just her left arm and we can definitely see an improvement!! The product has certainly given her hope in reducing the effects of Vitiligo and re-pigmentation of affected areas. Needless to say – Treatment will continue for Bibi!!” Liezl, – JHB, South Africa 

“My daughter was diagnosed with localised Vitiligo on her one hand, and I decided to purchase the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitamins to help restore her natural skin pigmentation to this area. Results were initially slow, and only in the second month of treatment did I start seeing tiny specs of pigmentation forming on her Vitiligo patch. Soon more freckles appeared within the patch, and the process accelerated. Very soon her skin was back to its normal skin tone. Her hand is now fully pigmented, and her own natural skin tone has returned” Mrs Nombuso, –  Case Study – Click Here for Video

“My Granddaughter had Vitiligo over most of her body, and I decided I was not going to let this terrible disease cause her any more distress or embarrassment. I ordered the Pigmentation Cream and the Vitamins. At first the results were very slow, but as I approached the second month, I saw the first signs of pigment appearing. I purchased another pack of the Cream and Vitamins, and continued the treatment. I did communicate with Cheryl at Vitiligo Treatment, and with her guidance we watched the pigment accelerating back. She has now recovered her original skin tone, and looks beautiful!” Happy Grandmother, – Jhb, South Africa 

“Vitiligo runs in my family, and being told by my dermatologist (years ago) there was no treatment or possibility of seeing any of my pigmentation back again, I went into my ‘shell’ and began living a ‘reclusive life’. I know it sounds extreme, but that’s me, insecure, and also a bit of an introvert. Vitiligo did not make things easier for me. I was given your products information by a work colleague. The results speak for themselves. Have a look at the pics. Only 4 months and my face is back to normal. My hands are fine now, and only my fingertips remain. Your support and communication was exceptional, and I would recommend your cream and the vitamins to anyone who believes you cannot treat this dreaded disease” Emma, – NJ, USA

“Last year I ordered your treatment for Vitiligo. I used your vitilox and folic acid, and now I m free. No more Vitiligo on my body. Thank you” Fundie, – Jhb, South Africa

“Kudos to your consultants. So happy with the pre-sales service, and help in choosing the correct treatment.  I have found the cream to be easy to apply, and I do not have problems with my makeup afterwards. Pigmentation in my case has been slow, and after 3 months I only have a small amount of pigment that appeared on my eyelids and under my chin. However I am very relieved that I am seeing results and shall not stop until I have this beat” Sylvia, – Maine, USA

“My new UVB Lamp arrived the day after I ordered it! Great service! I have since had a lot of support from the team at Vitiligo Treatment and Steve in particular, in getting started. It has only been two months now, and the pigmentation on my arm is returning nicely. I am only applying the vitilox cream after using the lamp, and am sure this is contributing to the freckles that are appearing.  After trying so many other products, I am amazed at the results. What seemed impossible has now become a day to day healing process! Thank you” Jon, – Melbourne, Australia

“My Grandmother and Father have both got Vitiligo so when I saw the article on the Vitilox PMF I was ecstatic. I have always been concerned that I would develop Vitiligo. Well I have started taking the capsules and am amazed by the energy I now have. Overall I feel more energised, and also less stressed. Not sure if it’s a placebo effect, but I do feel great! I am hopeful that it will ensure I never suffer from Vitiligo and am so grateful that your company thought to introduce something that prevents the onset of Vitiligo as opposed to having to continually worry about it appearing one day” ‘Relaxed’, – Melbourne, Australia

“I live in California, and being a surfer I contracted the Vitiligo disease a few years back whilst surfing. I cut my feet and ankles on coral, and within 3 months the scars were showing signs of depigmentation around the sides. These spots started to spread to other parts of my body and I was diagnosed with Vitiligo by the dermatologist. Although I never tried another product except yours, I was told by the skin doctor that he could not help me. Within 6 months I have regained my pigmentation again. The areas around my scars are still visible, but have not spread further, and I am still treating them. Just wanted to make the point that the cream and vitamins have worked for me. Very grateful  to you all” Sally, – Santa Cruz, USA

“Using your Vitilox Cream and your Vitilox Vitamins for the last 3 months now I am happy to say that I am now seeing the first sign of pigment on my under eye area and neck. My email is really more to show my appreciation in the amount of time and effort that your consultant Sharon has put into helping me. I would like to send this recommendation through to her as I was about to give up after the first month. She helped me to persevere and now that the pigment is returning, I cannot be more grateful. Thank you” Cathy, – Sydney, Australia

“Reading your latest newsletter regarding Vitiligo on the face, I thought I need to add my bit as well. I treated my bottom inner lip with your Cream by applying the Cream directly to the Vitiligo. This I started a month ago, and although you say we should apply it under the lip only, I did find that it worked for me by direct application. I used it twice a day, and did not suffer any irritation. My inner eye is still not showing signs of pigmentation, but I shall wait for the 6 week period to arrive and then write you another email” James, – Cape Town, South Africa

“I recently came across your products, and decided to give the pigmentation cream a try. Having been to phototherapy and seeing minimal results, I found that the cream alone has worked great! I also take the vitamins to stop the spread of the Vitiligo, and now have less than 5% body coverage left to treat. I started out with about 30%, and the areas left are my hands, feet, and a bit on my neck. I do realize that these areas do take longer so happy so far. Awesome product, and a big thanks to Cheryl for her support and consultations“ Rowena, – Malvern, USA

“Incredibly I saw results on my face within the first 3 weeks of using your combo pack. I have a large amount of body coverage, but my face and hands are the ones I needed cleared up. My hands have also started to respond now and I am onto tackling the rest of my body that is not publicly visible. I can recommend this product to anyone who like me felt that there was no product out there that would ever sort out my ‘patchy skin’.” Sheldon, – Perth, Australia

“Thanks for the results which I have obtained from your cream and vitamins. These products are awesome! I found that the vitamins really did drop my stress levels, and for the first time in many years I actually went out and started running again. I really feel more alive! Anyway, just letting you know I feel great, and my face has improved substantially. Still a few spots left but they are receding so very excited about my future again” Paddy, – Sydney, Australia

“Your consultations and service are beyond exceptional. Cheryl and Sharon have been very patient with me and my constant questions over the last few months. I saw pigmentation returning early in my treatment, but I also had the Vitiligo spreading quickly on other areas of my body. The vitamins really did do the trick, and the spreading slowed down enough to give the cream a chance to repigment my skin again. As my skin is very dark, it was very noticeable, and a very distressing time in my life. My results have been amazing. Thanks for the support you have given to me over this stressful period” Thandi, – PE, South Africa

“Please could you add this to Testimonials. My daughter of 16 years of age was unfortunate to have Vitiligo under her breasts, thighs, and neck. She is a Redhead. As many readers may not know, doctors have been trying to work out why redheads do not get Vitiligo. Well, my daughter is living testament to the fact that they do! I do believe the Vitiligo could have been genetic as the grandmother on her side had looked like an albino. Everyone said she just had very white skin, but on further investigation I discovered that her skin colour had changed as she had aged. Eventually her whole body was white white. Back to my daughter,,, we did try a remedy from Indonesia, and also the ‘colorback’ from NZ. These did not work, and in fact the Vitiligo seemed to get worse. We purchased the Vitilox off the show in brissie, and saw results within the first month. Her complexion is very light, and maybe that is why the pigments returned so quickly. Whatever the reason, just to say thank you again for the product and after sales service.” Jill, Qld – Australia

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude in the help and support I received in treating my son who had the Vitiligo spots on his fingertips. As promised, I have attached the before and after pics. You can see that the Vitiligo has completely disappeared, and in such a short time, it’s almost a miracle. My dermatologist cannot believe it, and I know he is talking to Sharon regarding the products. I hope this review and the pics will inspire others to persevere once contracting this nasty disease” Meredith, – Pretoria, South Africa

Please note we have compiled a ‘Case Study’ on the above Testimonial, and you can view the pictures and more information on our Featured Blog.

“I have already posted a testimonial on this website, but shall like to add to it. In the last testimonial I indicated that I had started using the Cream and Vitamins, and was seeing results for the first time after trying other products. Well, I am now fully pigmented, and only using the maintenance serum every now and then if I see a spot that may possibly turn into a Vitiligo spot.  I know that I am probably being over cautious, but I do feel so good about my body now that I don’t want to take any chances of losing my natural skin tone again. I do still take the Vitamins, (again being over cautious), but must add that these Vitamins do make me feel good, and it’s like me having to lose my ‘dummy’ if I don’t have one in the morning. Ok, I have said my say again, and if this is posted, thanks again for the best product ever!” Sarah, – Australia

“After taking the Bath Salts for nearly 2 months now I must say that I do believe they are making a difference in my treatment. The bath in the Salts is great. I get out feeling super relaxed, and am pleased they don’t have that strong after fragrance of other salts. The one point I need to make is that my skin looks incredible after the bath. It literally glows! My pores seem to be smooth and the dry skin is gone. I’m not sure of what’s in those salts, but it should be sold in the skin retail stores. I am still using the Cream after the bath, and although my pigmentation is returning, it is still too early to say if the Bath Salts do speed up the pigmentation. For now, I am happy with the Cream.” Judith, – Cairns, Australia

“Never in my dreams did I expect to see pigment appearing after only 2-3 weeks. That Vitilox Cream is fantastic. I now have my neck and arms freckling up, and just want to show my appreciation by writing in. THANK YOU” Sue, Vereeniging, South Africa

“I developed Vitiligo on my face and also noticed some small spots behind my one ear close on a year ago now. In the country I reside, it is well known to see people with Vitiligo. It is mostly treated with many oils and dyes. I have used your cream for less than four months now and the spots behind my ears are now gone. See photos attached. The area under my eye and my left cheek have also improved greatly and I would like to recommend your product.” Advika, Delhi, India

“Hi Cheryl and team. I trust I find you well. I just want to let you know that I am very happy with the progress of my face. My cheeks are fully healed and a small portion of my forehead is left. The Vitilox cream is really working great for me.I am extremely happy with the progress. Everyone is commenting and asking me what I am using. Thank you once again. I believe by April I will be totally cured. I will send you pictures at a later stage.” Adelaide, – South Africa

“I hope this information will be of benefit to others who have Vitiligo, and that may have contracted it the same way as I did. Being in the asbestos removal  trade for the last 8 or so years, I spend a lot of time in hot and dusty conditions. I am also suited up while doing the removal for obvious reasons. I had an incident over a year ago where I cut my ankle badly while working. A short time after the stitches were removed, my skin around the scar slowly began turning white, at the same time my left ankle, underarms, and thigh area also began losing pigment. I was diagnosed with vitiligo. Nobody in my family has ever had vitiligo and I think it is obvious that the cut and damage to the skin sparked off the disease. I also believe there may be a link to the asbestos contamination to the cut as the healing process took a long time due to an ongoing infection. I am using the Vitilox cream at the moment and see the pigment has returned to the cut and scar area. It is still early days but I am confident that the other areas shall follow. I hope this information is informative and I suppose the point I am trying to make is that after looking at all the causes of vitiligo, I think that people tend to ignore an obvious one which is accidental damage to the skin.” Kev, – Central Coast – Australia

“Having had Vitiligo now for over 15 years, (now 43 years of age), and although I only had the patches on my neck, around my eyes, and behind my knees, I have spent all this time under the impression that vitiligo cannot be stopped. I purchased your product 4 months ago and have now got my pigmentation back on my eyes and most of my leg area. My neck is showing signs now of colour returning as well. Just letting you know that I am happy with the treatment. Also still on my first bottle!” Shelley, – East London

“I have had vitiligo since a very young age. I have tried all kinds of treatment, which only made my skin thin and did not work. I have seen results using the vitilox cream after using the first batch and is still experiencing repigmentation. I am thankful for a product that finally works and will continue using it, as I am seeing positive results after each application of the vitilox cream and I have started using the vitamins as well.” Dazlin, – South Africa

“Living in a remote and humid area in Natal, I found that the white spots on my body that were initially thought by my doctor to be sun spots were quickly turning into white patches. I am a black woman, and this disease is very obvious to my co-workers and my fiance. I felt that my world was falling apart, and was very stressed as the wedding is coming up soon and I know that his family will not be happy that I might have a disease that will be passed onto our children. I found the Vitilox cream on the internet and have been using it now for the last 4 months. I have regained my skin colour on my arms, and belly. I am sure that the colour shall carry on until the wedding day and am pleased with the results achieved.” Anokosha, – KZN

“Very impressed with your Vitilox cream. Although I am still in the beginning stages of treatment, I have the brown freckles appearing and feel like that burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I have tried numerous oils and herbal extracts in the past which have not helped. The one herbal extract actually caused a rash! Thank you for the fantastic product. I must also add that I am able to put my makeup over the cream which is a huge advantage when I am working. One thing that I have also discovered that you do not mention in the application of the cream is that if you have a shower scourer, it makes a huge difference if you apply the cream after using the scourer in the shower. Essentially the pores of the skin are open and the cream absorbs well. I also find that after using the scourer on the white patches they tend to go red. I also make sure the water is steamy hot, and putting the cream on those red areas leaves it feeling smooth and moisturised. maybe this makes a difference in the treatment? Just saying.” Jan – Port Headland – Australia

“Please could you publish this in your testimonials. My name is Sarah, and I live in the Gold Coast region of Australia. I moved north here from Sydney almost 5 years ago and within 6 months of arriving started to see white spots appearing on my arms, thighs, and feet. I was diagnosed with Vitiligo and the dermatologist recommended I go see a dietitian and start applying ‘……… Oil’. The ointment did not work, and the dietitian advised I cut out meat, and follow a diet more consistent of a vegan. Although I complied, the spots became patches, and I seemed to be going backwards. I tried other products off the net, and eventually got to speak to V.T. A big thank you! I was advised to start on the Vitilox and include the vitamins. Within 2 months I had regained some of my pigmentation back and am now seeing more brown freckles appearing every week. I am over the moon, and convinced that soon I will be totally spot free. I would like to add that my experience has taught me that my move up here caused me a lot of stress and the new job added to this. This I know now caused the Vitiligo to erupt. Another thing I noticed was that I was more prone to catching colds and always felt I had a fever brewing. I believe that was due to my immune system being run down. If anything, I hope this information helps others out there. If you notice Vitiligo taking hold of your body, look at your environment and what has changed that could be instrumental in starting the Vitiligo. Worked for me! By the way, the vitamins and cream obviously work and I am still using them. Thank you.” Sarah, – Australia

“Vitilox is amazing! The Vitilox pigmentation cream is the only remedy that has helped my skin pigment to return. Like many in the testimonials, I tried numerous oils, creams, dyes, and tablets. Many of these I imported and even purchased off well known international websites. They never worked and only served to depress me further. The Vitilox cream I have now been using for 3 or 4 months and the pigment on my hands, neck and parts of my face is now returning. Although I still have not fully regained all my lost pigment, I can see the pigment coming back and for everyone out there who has been battling for as long as I have, I am sure you can appreciate the joy when this happens. Great product, and well done. Is there not a chance we could see this in a chemist or retail outlet?” Kelly, – South Africa.

“I would like to extend a thank you to the staff at VitiligoTreatment, and especially to Cheryl who initially conducted my Vitiligo Assessment. I had never in the past received any positive responses from any of the dermatologists I visited regarding my vitiligo ailment, and after struggling for nearly ten years in trying to just stop the vitiligo from spreading, was basically told that I was wasting my time and that unless I went for ‘tattoo dying’ or in one case a ‘skin graft’, I would never rid myself of the white patches that I had on my face. This was really the only area I was generally concerned about and I am sure that most women would agree with me that applying ‘camo cream’ every day with makeup to try and hide the patches is really not pleasant!! VitiligoTreatment supplied me initially with the Vitilox pigmentation cream and the results on my face were fantastic. I saw the first sign of pigmentation within two months. I was over the moon, and the more confident I became the faster the pigmentation returned. Very soon I was not adding the ‘camo cream’ at all, and the patches on my face and lips are now gone. Very, very happy and have now started on the rest of my body that was not visible. My word of advice is perseverance!! Don’t give up and wait for that first spot of pigment to appear. Once visible, the rest is history!!” Natalie, Jhb – South Africa.

“I have suffered from Vitiligo for most of almost 30 years. It has hampered me like no one would believe. It has caused me to miss out on the most normal of activities out of self-preservation of being embarrassed. I hate when people ask me questions. I found your product on the internet. I decided this was it. I was going to think positively and believe this would be the cure for me. I have been using Vitilox for about 3 weeks. I am so happy. I have already started to repigment. I am using my Vitilox twice a week, in conjunction with your UVB lamp pro as directed diligently. I have noticed after my white spots turn pink, most are not going back to white…they are fading into light brown and, in some places, little brown freckles are appearing. Under my arms, in the white areas, there are larger brown spots that are appearing and even a few that have already started to join together. I have noticed in my white spots, under my arms, on my hips and in my inner upper thighs, the brown colours have schematically taken over…there are areas where there are darker browns flowing with lighter browns and some large dark spots…it’s like someone is taking a paint brush and is shading my brown back in! It’s amazing. I have had one spot almost completely disappear from my chest! I will continue to report my progress. I thank you for giving me a product I know is working. Every day, I find myself looking in the mirror and directly self-examining to see what new changes are beginning! It’s all too exciting!”  June, Benoni – South Africa.

“A few weeks after I received the Vitilox, using it once to twice a week with my uvb lamp, I observed the following: I regained the ability to sweat on the large white spots on my fore-head. The hair-loss treatment, which caused these white spots, was due to epidermal damage, shut down my sweat glands. As these large white patches on my forehead are showing a slight pinkish tint, I used a magnifying glass. I could see minute brown spots smaller than human hair beginning to appear in the white patches, and now after using your product for effectively around 2 months it has improved my extensive Vitiligo. It’s as if the whole process is reversing itself. Congratulations, you have indeed a marvelous product. I have tried many creams, gels, tablets etc. in the past, and they were all a waste of time, money, and my own self esteem was crushed when nothing worked. Highly recommend your Vitilox cream. By the way, please contact me when your ‘Vitilox maintenance kit’ is released!!”  Jona, Jhb – South Africa.

“I’m just writing to let you know that I’m very, very happy with the results I’ve had so far with your product. I’ve attached a couple of before & after shots, in case you’re interested. I’m ‘stoked’ with the degree of improvement I’ve seen. I live in the KZN area of South Africa, and due to the extreme heat and humidity levels here, other creams I have tried have left my skin sensitive and sometimes I have come out in a rash. Vitilox is a great cream. No hassles with it. As you can see in the pics, pigmentation has basically fully restored around my fingers and toes. My upper eyelids are fully restored. Thanks for your emails and support over these past months!!” John, Durban – South Africa.  Hi John, appreciate the comments, and would love to put your pics up for others to see. Unfortunately, we cannot load them on the Testimonial page, but if others reading this would like to see the pics, please email – Thanks, Admin.

“FANTASTIC!!! Being a sufferer of the Vitiligo condition for the last 6 years, I eventually came across a product that does work. I tried the normal herbal, and also ‘chemist cocktails’ that are available, and of course my condition just deteriorated. After two months on your product, my face and chest area have completely cleared, and I just have a few spots left on my hands. I feel great!! I highly recommend this product and will also like to thank all of you for the high service levels in your company. All my emails were answered, and your overall support has been exceptional.” Debbie, Pretoria- South Africa

“My 12 yr. old daughter has had depigmentation to her eye lids, side of her mouth and chin since she was 8 yrs.old. Initially, it seemed to coincide with being away at camp for the first time. She had nightmares while away and it wasn’t until she returned home when we first noticed her eyelids lightening up. Perhaps it was stress related! Steroid creams from our skin specialist did not work! I first learned about Vitilox from a chemist at D____m Pharmacy, and decided to try it even though I was skeptical. I have been applying it diligently to her face according to directions for the past month and am so pleased to report that she has over 70% of those areas re-pigmented. We are sooo glad we gave your product a try and hope that eventually all these areas will be completely re-pigmented. Thanks so much for this product, I certainly will give this product information to our skin specialist.” Sharon, Pretoria – South Africa

“Hi, I would like to recommend the Vitilox and extend thanks to ‘Cheryl’ who sent me the uvb lamp derma-chart even though I did not purchase the lamp from your site. I feel your after sales service is exceptional, and also having the ‘peace of mind’  that you are not only selling a product, but supporting it as well has certainly helped in lifting my spirits and pushing me forward in my treatment. I have had a very strong improvement in my pigmentation returning under my arms, chest, and now I shall start on my feet. Please show this email to your other customers who may be skeptical. This is truly a great product!!” Rishal, Durban – South Africa

“Wow, Vitilox does work!! I don’t suffer from Vitiligo as such, (well, according to my local GP), but did have ‘white sun spots’ on my arms. I spend a fair amount of time in the sun, and the spots were getting bigger and bigger. I used this product for only 3 weeks, (no uvb lamp by the way), and the spots have vanished. Not sure what the association is between Vitiligo and ‘Sun Spots’, but I am ecstatic with the result. Thanks!!!!” Sheila Goosen, Johannesburg – South Africa

“I’ve had wonderful results with the Vitilox cream treatment, almost the totality of my eyelids has been covered, now I also see small pigment dots on my hands, I truly believe that the product is very good… I forgot to take before and after pictures. It would have been the best thing to do because only in a period of a month that I used the treatment my eyelids are 60% re pigmented. I think it is also important to add that I use the UVB lamp in conjunction with the cream. Initially I used just the cream, and when results were apparent, decided to ‘speed things up’ a bit. Hence the purchasing of you Pro Lamp. I obviously use less cream now as I only treat myself twice a week, and each treatment takes less than 5 minutes. The UVB is a great help. Thanks to all at Vitiligotreatment.” Paul, South Africa.

“I would like to share my experience with the Vitilox, and another well-known product, Novitil. I was using the Novitil for almost a year, and it was working for me. I was happy with the product, but as it required me to spend time in the sun every morning and evening, was very inconvenient. I then purchased the Vitilox, and used both creams in conjunction of each other. I achieved the same results from the Vitilox as with the Novitil. However, the Vitilox is more light sensitive, and I did notice a reddening of the skin in a much quicker time frame. As I have Vitiligo in embarrassing parts of my body, I no longer use the sun as a ‘pigmentation booster’ but just apply the Vitilox at night. It works fine that way and must say that I am very happy with the results” John, Sydney – Australia

“ Vitilox I found to work well with the UVB Lamp. I only had the white spots on my back, and my boyfriend used the lamp on me twice a week, 5 minutes max per session. The spots are now gone, and I have hardly used half the Vitilox bottle. I recommend using the lamp with the cream. Works well for me and I am happy to answer any questions you may have on my experience. Just another thing, when I stared searching for help in curing the condition, I read articles on how Vitiligo cannot be cured. Rubbish!! If you are reading this, don’t give up! This treatment worked for me, and  will work for others out there. I really get ‘peeved off’ when I hear these so called doctors going on about how there is no cure and you must get skin grafts, or resort to more drastic measures for a pigmentation reversal. My advice to you is give the Vitilox a go. It does work!” Willem, Limpopo – South Africa

“The cream works fine by itself. Never used the lamps, but my eyes, neck and neck are now fully recovered. It only took 4 months, and I only used one bottle of the cream. Best product!!” Karl, Perth-Australia

“Not happy! I purchased the Vitilox, and after 4 months, I have yet to see any pigmentation returning. I have used the Vitilox every morning and night, without results. I am on my second bottle, and won’t be purchasing another” Adriaan, Sasol – South Africa

“My daughter had spots appearing on her arms and thighs two years ago. She was just over puberty, and very embarrassed. She used a camouflage cream which did work, but the heat in Perth is very harsh in summer, and the cream started ‘running’. This of course presented another embarrassing situation she had to cope with. I purchased the Vitilox for her 6 months ago and she now has no white spots anywhere, and I mean anywhere. They are gone, and she truly has become her old ‘bubbly self’ again. See pics attached. Thanks to ‘Admin’ and Cheryl in assisting us from day one. Fantastic service, and highly recommended” Catrina, Perth – Australia.

“I am a 62 year old male, living in Potchefstroom. I had the Vitiligo for nearly 20 years. In that period I tried the Novitil, and also the Indian Topical Oil – 125ml. I did find that the oil showed immediate results, but of course that is just the die stain. It does not cure the vitiligo. The Novitil did work, but it took a long time to see the first result, and the odour was not nice. My wife would complain every night! I started using the Vitilox last year around September, and the patches on my neck and eyes have almost cleared. As I farm, I am in the sun a lot, so maybe this does speed up the results I am seeing. Thanks Cheryl for your help and patience. I am happy to recommend this product to others.” Johan, Potch – South Africa

“Hi, Sylvia here. My story is a little different. I was told that the white spots on my hands were age spots. At 43, I was not impressed by that statement, but doctors know best right? In this case no. These spots soon turned to white patches, and in a short period of only 6 to 12 months, I had the patches under my arms as well. I also had new white spots appearing on my thighs! Vitilox is the only treatment I have tried, and it worked fine for me. I did use the UVB Lamp as well as I needed to treat myself in the privacy of my own home. Some information that I can share here that I have not seen on the site is that I found the lst spots out, are the first to go. The white patches from my thighs pigmented within two months, and the last spots to disappear completely were the ones on my hands. Although I have only ever tried the Vitilox, I can recommend this cream. If you have any questions or advice, I will be happy to share my experience with you.” Sylvia, South Africa.

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