Vitiligo is hard. It might not be life-threatening, but it can be soul-destroying. Too often we hear of the problems caused by Vitiligo, the misery, the lack of confidence it causes, the desperate measures taken to deal with the white patches and the difficulty of having to face unsympathetic and curious people on a daily basis. In this article, Vitiligo Successful Hand Treatment, we discuss the successful treatment of a Childs Hand, and the very positive emotional outcome it has on the child and family.

Vitiligo Vitilox Case Study

Is it true?

People with Vitiligo have been disappointed so often by people who do not show respect for someone who “wears” the marks of Vitiligo. You may have been disappointed by solutions and remedies that do not work for you and you begin to question every “solution” or “remedy”, wondering if it works for anyone? You may start to doubt everything you see and read about treating Vitiligo.

The back story

In establishing whether an assertion about treating Vitiligo is true or not, it is helpful to know the back story. What is behind the newsworthy story? Who is telling the story? What is the motivation for telling the story? The story that I am going to tell you is a little girl whose Vitiligo patch was successfully treated is a true story. The mother decided to record the progress on her daughter’s hand for two simple reasons: 1. She genuinely put her heart and soul into helping her daughter to get rid of the white patch; 2. She developed a lovely warm relationship with the Vitiligo Treatment  counsellor, Cheryl, to whom she sent the first picture of her daughter’s full-blown Vitiligo patch and wanted to share her delight in the gradual signs of success with Cheryl.

But she does not show her face!

Do not for a moment assume that because the mother does not show her daughter’s face, the case is not genuine. As any good mother would, she does not want to embarrass her daughter. If she shows her daughter’s face, everyone who knows her or sees her, will relate her to Vitiligo. The stigma would be as bad as if the patch had never gone away. Secondly, and equally importantly, is the need to protect her daughter from those who troll the internet with malicious intent.  

Vitiligo Successful Treatment

The headline story

In 2018,  Vitiligo Treatment became involved in what would become known as the ‘Vitiligo Hand Case Study’. In this case, a mother contacted Vitiligo Treatment through the free online Vitiligo Assessment  form. She explained how white markings seemed to appear on her daughter’s hand and that one day, when helping her daughter  to wash her hands, she realised that the markings had consolidated in a relatively large white patch on her daughter’s hand. The mother investigated and finally came to the realisation that it could be Vitiligo.

That was when she contacted Cheryl.

Assessing the hand

Cheryl examined the photo of the child’s hand and read the details of the child, the appearance of the patch of depigmented skin and other information before contacting the mother. It was clearly a case of localised Vitiligo.

Cheryl began by explaining that while Vitilox products had a high success, there were some people who needed a different treatment. However, she warned the mother not to give up too soon as the hand contains various joints that are in constant motion, and even if the treatment were working, it would be slow, and perseverance was required. The girl’s mother was adamant that she had promised to do all that it takes to help her daughter. Mothers are like that! And so the treatment began.

Vitiligo Successful Hand Treatment

The ‘Vitiligo Hand Case Study’

Treatment on the child’s hand began with the Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream & Vitamins B12 & Folic Acid. The intention of the treatment was to treat the Melanocytes (Melanin producing cells) as opposed to the upper dermis, that is the skin, or by artificially inducing pigmentation to the hair follicle. That meant that once the pigment returned, the re-pigmentation would be permanent.

The pigmentation cream worked on the skin so her mother applied the cream twice a day without fail, very gently rubbing it into the depigmented white Vitiligo skin.

Vitilox Cream and Vitamins B12

The Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid tablets ensured that her body received the supplements that it needed to deal with the fight for pigmentation. The little girl was given one tablet a day after breakfast.

The change in the pigmentation in the little girl’s hand was painfully slow, but six weeks later, a picture arrived of some “freckles” in the middle of the de-pigmented area of her hand. Mother was encouraged! Cheryl was encouraged! The daughter became more positive and her results started to accelerate!

The treatment continued unabated and the next photograph, a few weeks later, showed that the process of recovery had speeded up a little and, while there was a small patch of depigmented skin on her hand, it was not eye catching. The little girl’s shyness about showing her hand began to fall away.

The final picture brought tears to all our consultants eyes. Not only was the skin fully pigmented, but the trusting hand of a little girl who had put her faith in her mother, cupped in the elegant hand of a mother who had decided that no matter what, her precious daughter would not go through life with Vitiligo, makes it one of the most meaningful and touching photographs that Cheryl has ever received.

Vitiligo Successful Hand Treatment


The child’s hand twelve weeks after she began treatment: they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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