Learning and Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Vitiligo. Whether for yourself, a family member or friend its important to recognize the signs so you can begin treatment early. Early treatment with ensure the condition doesn’t spread.

Identifying Vitiligo Signs & Symptoms

What is Vitiligo

The name Vitiligo was derived from the Latin word meaning blemish as far back as 1200BC. And, while we will expand on the condition, this is very basically what the condition is.

The following is the signs and symptoms you can expect from Vitiligo. The first indication you will have that anything is amiss will be the white spots and patches that gradually appear on your skin. Generally, Vitiligo has no symptoms, but some people have reported that their skin is itch in the early stages.

The white spots and patches can appear anywhere on the body. Many people report that the first loss of pigmentation they notice is between the toes or fingers, knees, face or neck. In other words, areas where the skin is exposed to the elements. Other lesser known areas that Vitiligo can appear is the lips, eyes and hair including all facial hair.

There are various types for Vitiligo one can experience. Where Vitiligo only appears on one area of the body is know as localized Vitiligo. When the skin loses pigmentation on one side of the body, we call that Segmental Vitiligo. It is very seldom that the loss of pigmentation occurs over the entire body.

Vitiligo affects anyone, all ages, all races and both the male and female population. 1 to 2% of the world population will suffer from Vitiligo at some time in their life. The first appearance of Vitiligo is around the ages of 20 to 40 with some people only having symptoms in their fifties & sixties.

Signs of Vitiligo

Identifying Vitiligo Signs & Symptoms

Vitiligo is not a disease. The condition manifests because melanocytes are damaged and for that reason are no longer able to produce melanin. Our skin colour is determined by the amount of Melanin our body produces. You will not contract Vitiligo by touching someone with the condition as it is not contagious. It is not fatal, and people can live normal lives. The condition can cause embarrassment and stress but does not affect your health.

Causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is caused by an autoimmune disease. The body attack the melanocytes which are the melanin producing cells. In other words, an autoimmune condition is caused by our body’s healthy cells attacking other healthy cell. An autoimmune condition is often inherited from our parents or Grand Parents. Our parents pass defective genes down through the generations.

The trigger that activates Vitiligo is physical or mental trauma. For example, the area around a previous laceration, allergy, chemical or sun damage may develop signs of Vitiligo. This could be soon after the event or may take years before it appears. Stress brought about by pregnancy, death or divorce or even changing jobs and location can trigger the autoimmune disease lying dormant in the body.

Effects of Vitiligo

Identifying Vitiligo Signs & Symptoms

Consequently the worse symptom of Vitiligo, for the patient, is embarrassment and the stress of facing strangers not knowing what their reaction will be. Discussing the condition with family and friend will ensue they are supportive towards you and hence not afraid for their own health. Coping and dealing with stress is very important as the more stress you are under the quicker the condition will spread.

Treatment for Vitiligo

Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream and Vitamins

Vitiligo Treatment is the distributor of the highly successful Vitilox products. Patients achieve successful re-pigmentation as a result of using the Vitilox range of products

The Vitilox range of products include:

  • Vitilox Pigmentation Cream penetrates the skin stimulating the melanocytes into producing melanin again.
  • Vitilox Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid these Vitamins are usually lacking in Vitiligo patients. They repair skin cells and assist in combating stress.
  • T-Cell-V’s these tablets are only for patients older than eight years of age. These tables contain the same ingredients as the B12 and Folic acid. Furthermore, these tables also contain important metallic elements which assist in the melanogenesis process.
  • Vitilox PMF an excellent supplement which can be used by the genetically predisposed patient to assist in healing and prevention of Vitiligo.
  • We have developed Vitilox Lip Balm especially for Vitiligo patients containing the elements which assist in the re-pigmentation process.
  • For a relaxing bath, use Vitilox Bath Salts  that contains ingredients which condition your skin while you relax.

Customers can buy the successful range of Vitilox Products in our web shop. Our clients are constantly amazed and overwhelmed by the astonishing results they experience due to our products. Furthermore you can follow some of our patients cases on YouTube.

Support for Vitiligo Patients

Vitiligo Treatment, besides our specially formulated products to treat Vitiligo, offers support and advise. Your free Vitiligo Assessment, which can be completed on our website, It will be assessed by our trained consultant. They will evaluate your condition, recommend the correct product for your treatment.

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