In South Africa, many people suffer from Mucosal Vitiligo. This is the form of vitiligo that appears around the lips and mucous membranes. Since this is on the face, it can be very noticeable and can hinder self-esteem for many patients. However, this can be treated, and should not be allowed to hinder the patient’s life. Vitiligo lip treatment is as simple as any other treatment and we do have the correct products available for this condition.

Vitiligo Treatment has had many requests for treatment from people who have lost pigmentation on their lips. We did a lot of research and our Lab Technicians came up with a solution that includes the essential ingredients already found in the successful range of Vitilox products. We were able to infuse these ingredients in to our Vitilox Lip Balm to treat the lips successfully.

Vitilox Products for Vitiligo Lip Treatment

Vitilox Lip Balm is a wax-based lip balm hence the lips are protected for long periods at a time. During this time, the stimulating elements contained in the lip balm have time to penetrate deep below the surface reach the inner melanocytes. When the melanocytes start producing melanin again the lip regains its natural colour.

Vitilox® Vitiligo Lip Balm

Together with the lip balm, we do suggest you also use the Vitilox B12 and folic acid tablets. These tablets will replenish your body with the vital ingredients required to complete stop any further spread of the Vitiligo and enhance the pigmentation process.

Vitiligo Lip Treatment

If, however, you have had depigmentation of your lips for a long period of time and also have Vitiligo on other parts of your body then the T-Cell-V would be recommended. If you are unsure of what treatment to use, please complete an assessment form on the website. You can also call us or WhatsApp us and we will advise you on the correct treatment for your own Vitiligo condition.

Why You Should Treat Vitiligo of the Lips

The lips are a very visible part of the body that you cannot hide. When you socialize, people will look you in the face to communicate. Vitiligo on the lips  causes a great deal of embarrassment.

While women can wear lipstick it often does not camouflage the depigmented spots completely. If you require any reassurance regarding the lip treatment, please give our consultants a call.

Often our mental health is neglected as we feel we should just be able to cope with whatever is thrown our way. This is not so. Form groups with other people who have this condition, or feel to chat to our consultants whenever you are feeling down.

As always, we are always available to help you. Not only to find the correct treatment but to support and encourage you with your Vitiligo Lip Treatment going forward.

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