Successful Hand Treatment

The hand is essentially a ‘joint area’ of the body. Joint areas normally take longer to treat than non-joint areas of the body. Treatment of Vitiligo on the hand, feet, ankles, elbows, wrists and neck treatment require perseverance to achieve success. This Vitiligo Hand Treatment case study emphasizes the importance of early treatment. It gives hope and encouragement to Vitiligo patients.

Joint Areas

Joint areas are under constant movement which causes stress to the area making treatment slower. Pigmentation can however, take place in a short period of time as seen in this case study we conducted..

The patient is in his late twenties. The first pic shows the Vitiligo coverage on his hand 1 month after he first noticed their appeared. The spots spread quickly. He contacted us for advice after being diagnosed with Vitiligo by his Doctor. Luckily the spots were still localized to his hand and he wanted to ensure the spread would not affect other parts of his body.

Vitiligo Hand Treatment

Starting the Vitiligo Hand Treatment

It was established that the patient in this case study was not genetically predisposed to Vitiligo. In other words, genetically there was no trace of Vitiligo in the family. We started treatment with Vitilox Cream and our Vitilox Vitamin B12. The patient applied Vitilox Pigmentation Cream to the affected area twice a day, mornings and evenings. Because our hands are washed often in a day, the cream was applied twice a day instead of the usual once daily. One Vitamin B12 & Folic acid tablet was taken in the morning with his breakfast. His treatment began during the last week of June.

Vitiligo treatment in progress

Results of Vitiligo Hand Treatment

5 weeks after treatment began we received the next photo. It shows that spots have already pigmented and merged together. Pigmentation and skin tone on his hand is shows a remarkable improvement. There were also no further Vitiligo spots appearing on any other part of his body. The Vitilox Vitamin B12 & Folic acid worked well in preventing any further spread of the Vitiligo.

He still had the bit of de-pigmented skin visible. Namely between two fingers, on the index finger knuckle and between the index finger and thumb. This is visible on the above pic. Our consultant recommended he use Vitilox Maintenance Serum to help clear the remaining spots.

The patients was happy to have achieved complete re-pigmentation by mid-September the same year. This case study began towards the end of June, and full results were seen 8-10 weeks later.

Successful Vitiligo Treatment

We are all genetically different therefore results will vary between individuals. However, Vitiligo Treatment is happy to report where pigmentation returned as soon as two weeks after treatment with Vitilox Products began.

The Vitilox pigmentation cream penetrates deep into the skin stimulating the melanocytes into producing the correct amount of Melanin to restore your natural skin tone. As many patients are lacking B12 and Folic acid, which assists with cell growth, taking this supplement helps to stop the spread of the de-pigmentation. The B12 is also the elements require to assist us in dealing with stress.

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