Vitiligo is a complex condition but it does respond to treatment, and not all treatment is costly. There is much that you can do by changing habits and products in your own home that will assist in combating your skin condition. Early treatment is here we discuss Vitiligo and how to Stop it Spreading further.

Vitiligo and how to Stop it Spreading

Help! What? Why?

When a person first notices white spots on the body, he or she will be puzzled as to cause of the white spots or even larger white patches. Hours, days or even weeks of research will lead to an understanding that it is Vitiligo and then the questions really begin to fly. How did I get Vitiligo? Why me? What did I do?

But as those wild, frightened questions are answered, a person is obliged to face the reality that Vitiligo does spread and while the initial diagnosis could be based on a few spots on the hand or ankle that people will hardly notice, the pictures of people suffering from Vitiligo show very clearly that the condition could spread across the hand and even up the arm.

The white spots could spread from the ankle to the feet and even up the legs. Most horrifying of all, is understanding that Vitiligo could spread across the ears, nose, chin, forehead – right across the face.

The inevitable response to such a frightening realization would be to ask if the spread of Vitiligo could be stopped. No one minds a few white spots on the hand or ankle, but it rarely stops there, and there is no means of telling just how far the condition might spread, or just how quickly, or how slowly.

Vitiligo and how to Stop it Spreading

The body’s immune system:

The body’s immune system normally aims to find and destroy any micro-organisms that invade the body, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites by using antibodies. However, sometimes this system fails and the immune system mistakenly identifies some part of the body as a foreign “invader” and begins producing antibodies against its own healthy tissue, in this case, one’s skin. That is known as an autoimmune disease.

Not all cases of Vitiligo are as a result of an autoimmune disease. Where the Vitiligo is the segmental variety, it will usually stay on the side of the body on which it first appeared. If Vitiligo is the result of an autoimmune disease, the signs of the condition would be mirrored on both sides of the body. It is also possible to have a combination of segmental and non-segmental Vitiligo.

Being such a complex disease and dependent on so many varying factors, Vitiligo does not follow the same path for everyone who has the condition but curbing or stopping the spread is important, not only so that the condition does not cause huge embarrassment; the reality is that the results of treatment are accelerated when the condition is not spreading.

It is a difficult condition to treat at the best of times and when the white spots and splotches are spreading across the body, Vitiligo becomes a whole lot harder to treat.

Everyone has to figure out for himself or herself what works and what does not work in each particular case, but it helps to know what has been proven to stop the spread of Vitiligo, if there is to be any hope of curbing the spread.

First Vitiligo Spots Appearing in Summer

Skin is a living organism:

Skin is a living thing.  The skin is active, living tissue that serves as a tough but flexible armor to keep harmful microbes, chemicals or strong rays of light away from the more sensitive inner tissues. Skin is made of many cells and so skin can grow and develop but it also responds to the environment and responds to things that hurt it.

The skin that one can see is the epidermis which is constantly shedding dead cells from its surface as new ones grow to take their places. This means that one’s skin is highly capable of changing, but similarly, it can easily be hurt and harmed.

Vigorous washing can damage the skin. Using hard wash cloths or abrasive sponges can harm the skin. Scratching an itchy patch on the skin with the finger nails is enormously damaging to the skin.

If clothing is not well rinsed after washing, the harsh chemicals used to clean lifeless fabric can irritate and damage the delicate, living skin. Labels on clothing can irritate the skin and result in early Vitiligo spots.

Take good care of your skin:

The list of what not to do is lengthy, but it can be summed up by saying: treat and care for the skin like a delicate living creature, a tender plant or a new-born baby.

Avoid using harsh soaps, scrubbing brushes and hard loofahs if you have Vitiligo. Use natural, gentle soaps. Wipe the skin tenderly and dry it carefully with a soft towel. Use mild washing powders for delicate care and rinse clothes well.

In the case of allergies that cause the skin to become itchy, take an antihistamine but do not scratch the skin. Avoid harsh rubbing of the area around the eyes as the skin around the eyes is particularly delicate. Remove any clothing labels that irritate the skin, especially at the back of the neck.

Vitilox Cream and Vitamins B12 and Folic Acid

Be in control of your condition:

As soon as you recognise your condition, change your habits so that you treat your skin with care, and immediately ask an expert to advise on the best Vitiligo Treatment for your condition.

One of our trained consultants will evaluate your condition when you submit your free Vitiligo Assessment, which can be found on our website, and help you choose the correct product or products for your treatment going forward.

Remember that because each person responds differently to Vitiligo, Vitiligo Treatment has a range of products to successfully treat different Vitiligo conditions.

Early Treatment is Recommended:

Early treatment is recommended. While the areas affected by Vitiligo are minimal, the condition can more easily be reversed. Small areas are typically easier to treat. Therefore, never wait too long after the first signs of de-pigmentation appear.

Remember that at Vitiligo Treatment we do not sell a one product fixes all product, but we do have a range of products required to successfully treat the many different Vitiligo Conditions that do exist.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information pertaining to this article – How to Stop Vitiligo from Spreading – or require any additional detailed information on our products.


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