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Vitiligo UVB Lamp Professional

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Vitiligo UVB Lamp Professional

3 Reviews
Vitiligo UVB Lamp Professional
Vitiligo UVB Lamp Professional
Vitiligo UVB Lamp Professional
Vitiligo UVB Lamp Professional

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Vitiligo UVB Lamp Professional

The Vitiligotreatment ‘UVB Lamp Professional' is by far the most versatile and safest UVB treatment lamp available. It is easy to use, compact, has a Timer and Comb to insure safety.
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The Vitiligo Treatment ‘Pro’ UVB Lamp is by far the most versatile product available. It is easy to use, compact, and its quick access to the ‘Timer’ control and the ability to clip on the ‘Comb’ for distance control, is a huge advantage to both Vitiligo, Eczema & Psoriasis users.

This specific lamp is used with great success in both the Home and in Professional clinics. Vitiligo Treatment offers you this remarkable product at the most competitive pricing.

Phototherapy is an established treatment option that typically provides positive results in at least 80% of the cases. Prescription drugs, on the other hand, are only suitable for some patients and produce results that only provide about 45% to 60% re-pigmentation. With prescription drugs many people may suffer from severe side effects.

UVB Phototherapy is one of the least costly treatments in terms of attaining treatment success, and possibly the safest way to manage your condition. Furthermore, home UVB phototherapy is suggested for patients who need long-term UVB as a maintenance treatment. Home treatment has the advantage of eliminating most of the main inconveniences of phototherapy, such as costs of treatment sessions, frequent travel to the phototherapy center and time off from school or work.

In general, phototherapy shows improvement in your Vitiligo, Eczema, Psoriasis, or other skin condition in just a few sessions. And, with a portable UVB lamp, you can treat your skin disorder in the convenience of your own home.

Contents include:

UVB Philips Lamp – 311 nm,
Hair, comb, brush adapter,
UVB eye protection Goggles,
User Manual, 
Universal power adapter works on both 110 Volt, and 220 Volt

To obtain the best results use this lamp in conjunction with our Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream.


The first step is to do the calibration.

You need to take one (neutral) area of your body, like the underarm, chest, or an area where the skin is not too thick or too thin.

The underarm works well. Note that you would calibrate the lamp on an area where you have the Vitiligo spot or patch.

Apply our Vitilox Cream onto that area, and wait 5 minutes for it to absorb.

The lamp can then be place over the white patch, and the distance kept constant with the comb. The comb should be touching the skin.

Put the goggles on, and set the timer on the lamp to 30 seconds to begin with. Switch the lamp on and keep it on this one patch or spot.

Once it switches off, wait 12 hours. The white area you treated should turn a slight reddish colour. If not, repeat the exercise on ANOTHER area, raising the time up by 10 seconds until the reddish colour is realised.

Once you see the slightly pinkish colour, your calibration is complete and you will then treat the rest of your body in the same way.

If you are treating your face, you would need a second person to help you. They would wear the goggles, and you would need to make sure your eyes are fully closed. Don’t look directly at the light without goggles as it may damage your eyes.

After treating an area of your body, you need to wait 3 days before returning to that area with the lamp. The skin needs to recover from the treatment.

3 Reviews for Vitiligo UVB Lamp Professional

  • Glasses - Wednesday, July 22, 2015
    Very happy with my purchase, and need to congratulate you in making clear eye protection glasses. My old lamp had those dark 'welder' type glasses, and you really battled to see what you were treating. Well done!
  • Easy to use - Wednesday, June 10, 2015
    I would like to take this opportunity to rate this lamp as the most user friendly we have used to date. We use different lamps in our clinic, and this one is light, compact, and and is very versatile when switching between our Vitiligo and Psoriasis customers.Fantastic product. Mel.
  • Great product, very versatile & easy to use - Monday, May 4, 2015
    Very impressed with the pro lamp. I was worried about the safety of using it. However it is easy to use, and the inbuilt timer gives peace of mind ensuring you wont get burnt. The second safety factor is the comb (both my daughter and I use it),as it gives us a good reference distance during treatment. Janet.
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