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Vitiligo Maint Serum + Vitamins B12 & Folic Acid by Vitilox®

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Vitiligo Maint Serum + Vitamins B12 & Folic Acid by Vitilox®

2 Reviews
Vitiligo Maint Serum + Vitamins B12 & Folic Acid  by Vitilox®

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Vitiligo Maint Serum + Vitamins B12 & Folic Acid by Vitilox®

Vitilox® Maintenance Serum and Vitilox Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid.
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Vitilox™ Maintenance Serum is applied once your pigmentation has returned. In many cases the pigment may return and appear 'blotchy' or uneven in texture. This is seen a lot with patients who have been for phototherapy.

Vitilox Vitiligo Maintenance Serum is a concentrate of the successful ingredients used in Vitilox Cream. The Serum sorts out these small stubborn spots. UVB Treatment can also leave your skin tone uneven. The Serum smooths and ‘blends’ your skins natural pigment. To obtain an unblemished skin tone use Vitilox Vitiligo Maintenance Serum.

Research reveals that area's where a patient was burnt or suffered some kind of skin trauma at a young age may develop Vitiligo to these area's. The body or immune system ‘remembers’ this trauma even though healing took place at the time of the incident. However, in later years when another incident traumatizes the skin it causes the immune system to ‘trigger’ depigmentation of this area as a defense mechanism instead of healing it naturally. This is one of the common causes of the Vitiligo condition.

Use Vitilox Vitiligo Maintenance Serum if you see early signs of Vitiligo spots flaring up around a scar area. The sooner you start treatment the quicker you can heal your skin. An added benefit would be to take Vitilox B12 and Folic Acid Vitamins. One Vitamin a day will help slow down or stop the spread of the Vitiligo.

The small amount Serum required for each application ensures that the product will last for a long time.


Vitilox Vitiligo Maintenance Serum

Apply daily, after bathing, to treated areas. Massage into the skin in circular motion until absorption takes place.

Using Vitilox Maintenance Serum after the UVB Lamp is also recommended.

For external use only.

Recommended Dosage of Vitilox B12 and Folic Acid Vitamins.


Vitilox Vitiligo Vitamin B12 and Folic Acidis taken daily, after breakfast. This unique supplement was developed to be slow absorbing, and only one tablet is required daily.

Children 3 – 10 years: Take ½ a tablet in the morning after breakfast. The tablets can be crushed and mixed with a cereal or added to a juice for younger children.

Not recommended for children under 2 years.


2 Reviews for Vitiligo Maint Serum + Vitamins B12 & Folic Acid by Vitilox®

  • Scars and Vitiligo - Thursday, May 17, 2018
    I had my appendix out when I was 15 or so, and as my appendix had burst,I was left with scars where the skin was infected. Many years later Vitiligo spots began to appear around the scars. I spoke to the consultant at Vitiligo Treatment and she advised I take the serum and vitamins. Great advice! Although I only had a few spots to pigment, they are now sorted and I don't have any further outbreak. Excellent product!
  • Serum & Vitamins - Saturday, May 28, 2016
    I successfully used the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream on my arms, hands and fingers.
    I still had a few spots between my fingers that would not pigment. I used the Vitilox Maintenance Serum to clear up those spots and took the Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid to make sure there was no more spread to any other part of my body. My fingers are now fine, and I don't have any more spots or patches to worry about. I will carry on with the vitamins for a few more months to make sure nothing further surfaces. Regards Olg
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