Coping with Vitiligo

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Coping with Vitiligo and being diagnosed with Vitiligo can be very traumatic;

While the condition is reversible and not contagious often just looking different from others will make you feel very self-conscious. Our consultants at Vitiligo Treatment offer you support and treatment advice to help you through this stressful time, and help you to cope with Vitiligo.

It is not uncommon for a person’s gradual or sudden change in appearance brought on by Vitiligo to affect both an individuals’ emotional and psychological well being. Thus, individuals with Vitiligo often report feeling that the condition limits their ability to go about their daily activities.

Coping with Vitiligo

This is  especially so if it’s widespread or affects visible areas of their body. Areas such as the face, hands, and other exposed parts of the body cause the most embarrassment.

The emotional roller coaster ride is more taxing than the condition. Confide in family and friends being sure to let them know about Vitiligo and how it makes you feel. Having their support will help you cope better.

Stress relief

Relieving stress

Trauma and stressful periods in a person’s life are often the triggers that lead to the development of Vitiligo. Therefore, it makes logical sense to treat these underlying issues as well as the symptomatic (physical) problems of Vitiligo. Relaxation sessions, mindfulness meditation and cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) are among some of the therapies you can try to help you cope.

Options available to help cope with Vitiligo:

Many people with Vitiligo find that specialized cover creams dramatically improve their appearance. This in turn helps them to feel better about themselves. Cover creams containing high concentration of pigment conceals the white de-pigmented areas of Vitiligo.

Treatment Options

Educating yourself on the different treatment options available will allow you to make an informed choices. You can choose options that suites your lifestyle and works best for your own individual condition.

Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Treatment offers a range of products that will help you successfully treat your Vitiligo. Our products range from our revolutionary Vitilox Pigmentation Cream, Vitilox B12 and Folic Acid Vitamins, Vitilox Serum, UVB lamps.

Customers’ requests have led us to recently introduce our new Vitilox Cover Cream. This product gives you the advantage of covering your Vitiligo spots or patches while treatment is in progress.


Please note that Vitiligo Treatment is also a support group, always available to help you before, during and after treatment. Free on line consultations are available. We are happy to support patients even though they are currently using other products. Our consultants are well qualified. We have researched most of the products and therapies being offered internationally thereby equipping ourselves to better help you.

Sometimes we find that adverse results are experienced by Vitiligo sufferers using a treatment or medicine that is not suited to their individual Vitiligo condition. We can certainly advise you if this is the case.


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