Vitilox Vitiligo Cover Cream

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Vitilox Vitiligo Cover CreamVitilox Cover Cream

Vitilox Vitiligo Cover Cream is a revolutionary new Vitiligo Face and Body Camouflage. This new Vitiligo Cover Cream is able to conceal your white spots and patches effectively. You can use this product over Vitilox Pigmentation Cream.  As a result treatment of your face and other parts of your body will not be interrupted when using Cover Cream.

Our Vitilox Vitiligo Cover Cream is suitable for all ethnic groups. Its high concentrate of pigment makes it the perfect formula to conceal de-pigmented areas of the skin affected by Vitiligo.

Vitilox Cover Cream is waterproof, sweat proof and long lasting. Vitilox Cover Cream lasts up to 24 hours. Above all there will be no smudging, fading or washing away with correct application.  Our kit includes  Vitilox™ Setting Powder to ‘set’ the Cover Cream.

Cover Cream contains an SPF factor of 35 to protect your skin from the sun.

Choosing your colour

The Vitilox Cover Cream is available in 6 colours. It is uniquely able to match any skin tone. Apply Vitilox Cover Cream in layers to lighten or darken to match your own skin colour.

Initially you need to check our Vitilox Cover Cream colours, which range from VT-1 through to VT-6 and choose the colour that best matches your own skin tone.


You need only apply a very small drop of the Vitilox Cover Cream to the areas required. Dab the Cover Cream onto the white effected area. The beeswax in the cream melts to your skin temperature by dabbing. A wide smooth coverage is ensured.

Vitilox Setting Powder applied over the Cover Cream ensure a long lasting smudge free finish.

Vitilox Vitiligo Cover Cream

Once you are happy with the colour match over the Vitiligo areas, and you are applying to the face, you can finish off by either applying your normal foundation or the Vitilox Cover Cream to your entire face for a perfectly smooth complexion.

Vitilox Cover Cream is long lasting. A very small amount of product used for each application.

We supply Vitilox Cover Cream  and Vitilox Setting Powder together in a kit for your convenience.


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