Vitiligo Hand Case Study Update

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We are updating the Vitiligo Hand Case Study Update which was featured on our website recently.

Click on the link here if you want to read the previous report: ‘Vitiligo Hand Case Study’

This case is the incentive all sufferers of Vitiligo need to persevere with treating Vitiligo. It is the reason you should not ‘throw in the towel’ if results aren’t immediate.

The patient concerned was diagnosed with Vitiligo earlier this year. When we began treatment in June only his hands had white spots on.

The spots were spreading fairly quickly, and although only confined to his hands, were starting to form small ‘sketchy’ patches.

Vitiligo Hand Case Study UpdateBefore Treatment – 24th June 2017

This pic was taken when treatment was started in the last week of June.

Our Consultant advised the patient to use our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream together with the Vitilox Vitamins.

Vitilox B12 and Folic Acid Vitamins are used to control and slow down the spread of the Vitiligo, whilst the Pigmentation Cream restarts the pigmentation process.

The patient used the Cream at night and early in the morning. The Vitilox Cream is only required once per day, but with such a small area to treat he chose to apply it twice a day.

The Vitamins were taken once every morning after breakfast as per the recommended dosage.

Vitiligo Hand Case Study UpdateAfter Treatment – 29th July 2017

As can be seen from the following pic taken only 5 weeks later, the pigmentation on his hands has mostly returned. There are only a few tiny white spots left.

While pigmentation of the joint area between the index and middle finger is taking place it will take longer. There’s also a small ‘joint spot’ left on the knuckle of the index finger which will eventually re-pigment.

The patient used the Vitilox Maintenance Serum to sort out the smaller ‘joint spots’. The Maintenance Serum is a concentrate of our Pigmentation Cream. It is used after successful treatment to smooth out your natural skin tine and to get rid of any stubborn spots.

Vitiligo Hand Case Study UpdateTreatment Complete – 19th September 2017

The Maintenance Serum was used to complete the treatment on the patients hands.

As only a small area was left un-pigmented after the initial treatment, we did decide to use the Serum on the joint areas (between the fingers and thumb) to complete treatment.

As can be seen, the results are impressive.

Although not a large area was being treated, the fact that the initial spots had turned into patches indicated that treatment would take longer.


If you have spots or patches on your body, either confined to one area or all over, don’t give up!

Please remember that Vitiligo Treatment is not only an online store, but also a ‘Vitiligo Support Portal’.

We have consultants ready and available to help you if you require any advice or support for your Vitiligo.


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