Vitiligo Hand Case Study

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The following ‘Vitiligo Hand Case Study’ of our young patients is a credible testament to our products and well worth reading.

Take this as an incentive to persevere with treating Vitiligo.  Do not ‘throw in the towel’ if  immediate results aren’t apparent.

The patient concerned was diagnosed with Vitiligo earlier this year. When we began treatment in June only his hands were affected with white spots. The spots were spreading fairly quickly even though they were confined to his hands. Slowly small ‘sketchy’ patches form.

Vitiligo Hand Case StudyBefore Treatment – 24th June 2017

This pic was taken when treatment was started the last week of June.

Our Consultant advised the patient to use our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream together with the Vitilox Vitamins.

The Vitamins are used to control and slow down the spread of the Vitiligo Condition. The Pigmentation Cream restarts the pigmentation process.

The patient used the Cream at night and in the morning. Although Vitilox Cream is only required once per day with such a small area to treat he chose to apply it twice a day.

The Vitamins were taken once every morning after breakfast as per the recommended dosage.

Vitiligo Hand Case StudyAfter Treatment – 29th July 2017

As can be seen from the following pic taken 5 weeks later, the pigmentation on his hands has mostly returned. There are only a few tiny white spots left.

The joint areas between the index and middle finger and the thumb area are pigmenting. They will but a bit take longer as the skin is thicker in this area. There’s also a small ‘joint spot’ left on the index finger knuckle.

The next step is to use the maintenance serum. We expect his hand to be fully pigmented within the next month.

We will continue to follow this case closely. Updated pictures will be posted with our next newsletter to monitor the results using  Vitilox Maintenance Serum.

This Vitiligo Hand Case Study has drawn huge interest due to the rapid pigmentation achieved. Normally the first  signs of re-pigmentation only become apparent within six weeks, whereas here almost a full recovery has been achieved in under six weeks.

From our experience we know that early treatment does mean quicker results. However some of us find that the first signs of pigmentation do become apparent earlier than others.

If you require any additional information on our products or treatment applications, please contact us and we shall be more than happy to assist!

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