Vitiligo Face Treatment

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As summer is now truly upon us, many fair skinned patients have joined us after seeing Vitiligo spots or patches on their skin for the first time. The face is normally the first area to suffer from excess sun, and the majority of our patients have undergone Vitiligo face treatment

Vitiligo often starts in the winter months. As we venture out into the summer sun our skin darkens from the natural ‘tanning’ effect of the sun. This contrast leaves us seeing very visible white spots or patches.

For both our fair and dark skinned customers, many of us would have first noticed the white spots or small patches first appearing on the hands, ankles, thighs, underarms, and of course the face.

Vitiligo Face Treatment

Vitiligo Face Treatment:

The face is the most visible part of our body, and causes the most distress for obvious reasons.

Fortunately it is the easiest part of the body to treat, and in these ‘new cases’ of Vitiligo, the first pigmentation results are crucial to ultimately obtaining a total cure and regaining your natural skin tone.

The face area does create the perfect ‘benchmark’ for your treatment going forward.

Once pigmentation starts, no matter how small the first small ‘freckles’ of pigment are, you can rest assured that it is just a matter of time before you see results on the rest of your skin.

The face area normally affected by Vitiligo is the forehead, around the eyes, lips, and upper neck area.

Vitiligo Face Treatment

Recommended for the treatment of the face is our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream. Application is easy and recommended after bathing in the morning or evenings. It is crucial that you apply the cream on the white spots or patches when the skin is clean, and able to absorb the Vitilox Cream fast and effectively.

Vitilox Cream is absorbed very quickly into the pores of your skin and penetrates deep into the inner layer for maximum effect. It is not necessary to use a lot of the formula, and ‘less is better’ when using the cream on your face. There should be no residue or oily film left over once applied.

Treating around the eyes

It is very important that when treating your eye area you do not accidentally rub the cream into your eye. If this does happen, you can wash the cream out with clean water. The Vitilox Cream shall not harm your eyes.

Apply the cream approximately 5 mm away from the edge of your eye area, and only slightly below your brow area. It can be applied on the eye lid itself, and if you are treating the eyelid, only apply a very small amount of the cream.

Treating your lips

If you have Vitiligo on your lips or inner mouth, you need not apply the cream on these areas. Vitilox Pigmentation Cream does penetrate under the skin. Therefore again only rub the cream into the affected area up to the edge of the lips and mouth.

I do suggest that you use the Vitilox Vitamins in conjunction with the Cream.  These vitamins slow down, and in many cases stop the spread of the Vitiligo.

Treating Children

We have a number of children that are currently treating Vitiligo on their faces. Care must be taken to ensure the amount of cream applied is very little. This is especially true for children aged 3– 5 years as they may rub their face after treatment and spread the cream into their eyes. Children in this age group only need take take half a vitamin tablet every morning after breakfast.

We are now seeing more of our patients that have treated their face now purchasing the Vitilox Serum. Apply Vitilox Serum once pigmentation has been restored to obtain an even skin tone. It evens out the natural tone of your skin without leaving any ‘patchy areas’ of pigment.

Lastly, if you are using the UVB lamp on your face, apply the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream before (5 minutes) and after treatment. The cream act as a moisturizer, protecting and helping the healing process after using the  UVB Lamp.

Stay positive – Vitiligo Can Be Treated Successfully! 

We are now well beyond the era where many have thought the condition irreversible.

As always, feel free to contact us for any advice, support, or product information.

We are here to help and offer free consultation and professional advice.

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