Vitiligo and Summer

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Summer has arrived, and with the change in seasons we need to be aware of Vitiligo and the effects that the sun has on the white spots or patches.

Vitiligo and Summer

For those who have a fair skin complexion, the first thing you notice in summer is that the white patches become more pronounced. This happens as the skin around the affected area’s begin to darken. No matter your skin color you will  be aware that the white patches burn and turn red if left unprotected.

Vitiligo and Summer

In spite of this we can use summer to our advantage in the treatment of Vitiligo.

Most importantly if you are going out to the beach or into the sun, make sure you apply a good sunblock. Make sure you have the sunblock applied on all exposed areas of your body.

If you are currently using the Vitilox Pigmentation cream, I strongly suggest you take advantage of the sun by apply the cream on the white patches before venturing outside.

Initially leave the cream on for about an half an hour, without sunblock to take advantage of the suns UVB rays. Next apply the sunblock over the cream. This will give you added benefit of UV treatment that helps activate the pigmentation.

Don’t overdo this ‘tanning’ process. If you feel the white patches are starting to burn or turn red, stop and apply the sunblock. Better yet cover up and move out of the sun.

Another interesting fact is that using the Vitilox Vitamins while out in the sun also has a marked effect in reducing and stopping the spread of Vitiligo.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid

This extract published by the Department of Dermatology, University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden has relevance to our Vitamins.

Improvement of Vitiligo after oral treatment with vitamin B12 and folic acid and the importance of sun exposure.

“The aim of this 2-year study was to test the hypothesis that folic acid, vitamin B12 and sun exposure could be helpful in treating Vitiligo. One hundred patients with Vitiligo were treated with oral folic acid and vitamin B12 after being informed that sun exposure might enhance re-pigmentation. They were requested to keep a record of sun exposure in summer and UVB irradiation in winter. Minimal treatment time suggested was 3-6 months.

Clear re-pigmentation occurred in 52 patients, including 37 who exposed their skin to summer sun and 6 who used UVB lamps in winter. Re-pigmentation was most evident on sun-exposed areas. 38% of the patients had noted re-pigmentation during summer months when they spent time in the sun. In Fact 6 participants  achieved total re-pigmentation. The spread of Vitiligo stopped in 64% of the patients after treatment.

Folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation combined with sun exposure can induce re-pigmentation better than either the vitamins or sun exposure alone.

Treatment should continue as long as the white areas continue to show signs of re-pigment. Further studies are been conducted to determine ideal minimum dosages of vitamins and UV exposure, as well as treatment time.”


We are now seeing excellent results in our patients that are using the Vitilox Cream in conjunction with the Vitilox Vitamins. We know that the two together have a marked effect in combating the loss of pigmentation. Together they restore the pigmentation to your natural skin tone. Vitilox B12 and Folic acid Vitamins slows down the spread of Vitiligo. Vitilox Pigmentation Cream restores pigmentation.

Vitiligo and Summer


In conclusion, if you have Vitiligo take advantage of summer, and don’t hide indoors! Get out and use the sun to help you restore your pigmentation.

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