Vitiligo – How to Treat it?

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Vitiligo is a relatively uncommon skin condition, estimated to affect about one to two percent of the entire world population. How to Treat it?

The primary symptom of Vitiligo is white patches of skin. These patches may grow to cover large parts of the body or even the entire body. This disease is most distressing when it is on visible areas of skin such as the face.

Vitiligo - How to Treat it?Causes

The symptoms of Vitiligo are caused by non-functioning melanocytes. These are the cells in your skin responsible for producing melanin which is the primary pigment in your skin. The effects of melanocytes shutting down is that melanin production stops and your skin loses its pigmentation.

Doctors and researchers are not yet completely certain exactly what causes Vitiligo. They do know that genetic factors play a role in a person’s susceptibility. They also believe that it to be an auto immune disease. This meaning that your body’s immune system attacks and damages your melanocytes, which then leads to Vitiligo.

Vitiligo - How to Treat it?


Since doctors are not certain of the cause most treatment options involve treating the symptoms. There are several treatments that may be used to instigate your melanocytes to resume production of melanin most notably Vitilox Pigmentation Cream.

There are also natural approaches to treating Vitiligo, most notably herbal and homeopathic approaches. Both herbal and homeopathic approaches involve addressing the root problems usually relating to the immune system, digestive system, liver and kidneys Treatments also involve using topical products to target the skin itself.

Vitiligo - How to Treat it?

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